The benefits of a account

Your comments are published immediately

Anonymous users' comments must be approved by the site administrators before they are published. As a registered user, your submission will be published as soon as you submit it.

Get notified of comments to your submissions

If someone posts a comment on any of your submissions, you can opt to have a notification email sent to you.

Subscribe be notified for other discussions

If you wish to keep track of particular discussions or other content, you can select to have the system automatically notify you by email.

Create new forum topics

Anonymous users are only allowed to post on exisiting forum topics, as a registered user you may create your own new discussion topics.

Contact other users

You may opt to allow other users to contact you by e-mail via your personal contact form, without disclosing your email address to other members of the community.

Submit other types of content

Registered users are also able to post other types of content. For example you are also able to submit your own events and web links.

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