Berrylands Hotel

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Berrylands Hotel
107 Chiltern Drive



good pub for live bands and sport very freindly


Now called the Berry & run by Ossies


Hey how is this hotel? Is it a nice place for staying in for a while? What about the food and other facilities? Any suggestions from any one? Help me please any one. That will be a great help. If you have information about other hotels, feel free to share with me, thanks.

hotel shut in 18 10 jut keep name as givin biy cadnall walllee


People who want a quiet drink do not want "pub quizzes,music and stuff"

They want a good well kept pint or decent house wine at a reasonable price to enjoy in quiet surroundings,sounds simple but almost impossible to find these days.I know of a couple locally but will never divulge less they become overrun.

Poppy, do you not think you are being overly harsh?

The Berrylands is just a normal pub which offers food, entertainment, sports, etc. It's just a bog standard local pub - nothing to get too excited about but certainly not as awful as you describe.

I live near the pub and its fine if you just want to enjoy a few quiet drinks with your friends or watch the rugby in an enthusiastic crowd on Saturdays.

In conclusion, The Berrylands is a decent pub and no where near as bad as you portray.

And the Berrylands, by virtue of having two distinct bars gives you the opportunity to do both!
You can choose to participate in the pub quiz or sit in a corner of the other bar and be a grumpy old git if that's what you're into.

That's why it's a decent neighbourhood bar.
I must admit to being surprised at the negative tone of a couple of the reviews here.
Have these people been to this bar in the last two years?
Giving it a two stars solely on the strength that "its the only bar for miles around" doesn't sound anything even close to an objective review to me.

And before you start, no I'm not connected to the pub, or anybody associated with it.
I just think these "reviews" are way of the mark.


Decent neighbourhood pub in which to have a decent drink or two in more than decent surroundings.

One of the bigger bars in Surbiton, with separate bar and lounge, there's more than enough space to get away from the football if that's not your scene.

Credit to the new owners for the good makeover last year - they managed to keep all the 1930's art deco features while updating the place.
Up until then it looked like this was yet another pub on its way out.
Since then, things have taken a turn for the better, and there's a more than decent crowd in on most nights.
Berrylands is a respectable sort of place, and the clientelle here are no different.

Other pubs in Surbiton could do with making the same effort on their interiors - too many are tired and tatty.

Makes an effort with pub quizzes, music and stuff.
Food served is about average pub fare - nothing special.

There are not enough pubs with "live" music so any new venue is always welcome. If you want a quiet pint in a quiet pub you go to one, it's hard enough as it is NOT to find a quiet pub. Bars & Pubs need to bring back more "live" music since it's death knell in the 90's caused by pubs getting off lightly just paying a single DJ as opposed to 3-4-5 piece bands, etc.
Bring it on, I say!


Characterless football pub

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