Named and shamed: Surbiton companies underpaying staff

Nurseries, restaurants, dry cleaners and health and fitness groups are among 360 companies named and shamed by the government for underpaying thousands of workers nearly £1 million.

Surbiton church’s website page replaced with 'F**k ISIS' by mysterious Kurdish army supporter

A Surbiton vicar was left gobsmacked and fearing for his church’s quiz night after a mysterious activist hacked into his website and branded it with the words '[censored] ISIS'.

Cyclist rushed to hospital after being hit by car outside garage at rush hour

A cyclist was taken to hospital this morning after being hit by a car outside a garage in Surbiton at rush hour.

Policeman taken to hospital after 'contagious' woman spat in his mouth

The policeman underwent urgent medical attention and is facing an anxious wait for test results after he was attacked in a Surbiton street on Monday at 10pm.

Improvement works begin on £500,000 upgrade at Kingston libraries

Work has begun to transform all of Kingston’s seven libraries as part of a £500,000 upgrade to install self-service technology and create 'flexible community spaces'.

Folding bike initiative outside Surbiton station doubles in size due to increasing demand

The number of hireable folding bikes outside Surbiton station has doubled to due increasing demand from cyclists.

Paralympic swimmer Hannah Russell visits Surbiton school

Pupils at a Surbiton school were treated to a visit from gold-medallist and paralympic swimmer Hannah Russell MBE.

Cash-strapped council secretly backs down over Toby Jug plans to build more than 700 homes

Councillors have secretly voted to withdraw their reasons for refusal for an application on Tolworth’s Toby Jug site that could see the “thumbs up” for more than 700 homes built next to the A3.

Brazen thief rides off with police bicycle while wearing pink roller blades in Tolworth

Police officers were left baffled after a brazen thief cut the chain from a police bicycle in Tolworth and rode off – while wearing pink roller blades.

'The worst January I've ever known': Residents warned to stay alert as group of burglars target homes in Tolworth

Home-owners in Tolworth have been warned to stay alert of a group of burglars targeting empty homes in the area after the 'worst January ever seen' by the force.

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