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Looks like the builders have finally moved in and started working on this site. A notice says the flats will be completed by March 2013.

At least something is being built there. I notice that the sign says that the flats will be to rent. Obviously the developer does not want to sell yet as they know that they will not get back the amount of money they paid for the site.

I just hope that they don't use this excuse to build a very cheaply finished block like the one at the junction of Surbiton Crescent/Surbiton Road. That would ruin that part of Maple Road.

they have left a generator or something on all night.


maple first school isnt a nice school at all it has no support for children with special needs

Special needs children must be dealt with "Specially" which should mean a separate School with properly trained teachers and mentors,they should not be lumped in with "normal" children,this results in neither sets of children getting the best start in life.

Are you stuck in the dark ages? Children with special needs add a dimension to schools which is clearly needed judging from your comments. I know 5 year olds who have more intelligent things to say on the matter than you. With specialist intervention, children with special needs can have a happy and successful experience at a mainstream school. Children who are educated alongside them are mature and accepting of their differences, which you clearly are not. Thank goodness these children will grow up better informed than you. Unbelievable!


The original post on this one was made 2 years ago, and still the blue boards remain with no sign of any work actually starting.

I appreciate that the developer is probably still deep under water, but they are not helping their own cause by doing this as it must be further devaluing the site as well as the surrounding area.

I love the idea of expanding the Maple Infants/Junior school onto this site. It seems a lovely school, and is in a location that allows a high proportion of the kids to actually walk there in the morning rather than being bussed in by 4x4.

The river roads used to be a largely child free zone due to the volume of flats, but the boom in house prices have meant that couples are staying in their flats after having their first and second children. This looks set to continue, so this area could become a bit of a 'nappy valley' rather than the twenty/thirty something area it has been for a while. An expanded school could be necessary.

The developer would have to take a massive loss for that to happen, though.


This is another eyesore that, with the current downturn, is likely to remain boarded up for quite some time.

It is a shame as the 3 original houses on this site could have been refurbished to a high standard and probably sold for a better profit than the greedy developer will make out of more unnecessary flats.

I totally agree. There is such a shortage of large family homes in the central Surbiton area that I would not have been surprised to see these go for the best part of £1m each even with the state they were in. These houses were in excess of 3,000 sqft and houses nearby on The Mall sell for £700k even though they are half that size.

This was a great piece of business by the catholic church that originally owned the houses. They had plans drawn up and approved to build 20 flats on here. The greedy developer that bought the site must have paid way more than £2m for it (otherwise the church could have just sold the houses individually for a bargain price).

The developer must have thought that prices would continue going up and he would be able to sell these flats for £300k each. They are mainly 1 bed flats, so he would probably be lucky to get £200k each now. Assuming £2.5m was paid for the site, that leaves £1.5m for the demolition, construction and marketing of the new flats. It doesn't sound to me like there is going to be much profit made.

In the meantime, we are stuck with unsightly blue boards in an otherwise attractive part of town.

My guess is that the council will get nowhere with their plans to put a 540 capacity school plus 50 capacity nursery on the unneeded half of the hospital site.
They've left it much too late to get planning permission, and have the whole thing built by Sep 2011.

This site will bail them out, by allowing an enlarged Maple Infants primary school.That'll rescue the developer because no doubt the council will pay too much.

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