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This and several other of their stores have now closed.
I got an email "YOUR NEW BOMBAY BICYCLE STORE" which is Wimbledon. Surbiton and Kingston are outside their delivery area.
Looks like they are struggling.


Well, I have been known to complain about a few things over the years, but I have never had a real bad word to say about an indian takeaway...
until I tried Bombay Bicycle Club.

So, I first used them about 7 months ago as a change from my local indian and I had high hopes, afterall "Gordon Ramsey swears by it". Saying that, it doesn't take much to make Gordon Ramsey swear and I presume he was like me and swearing about the missing dishes on his order (replaced after a complaint call, but not until another 45 minutes later). I thought the customer service was pretty good as they replaced the entire order for me, although they still managed to not add the cardamom and fennel yoghurt that should have come with my starter (annoying when they charge £9.95 for a starter and that would've probably made the starter a lot more tasty). Anyway, long story short: £10 more than my usual curry, lukewarm at best food and over 2 hours from order to belly.

7 months later, after texts or emails everyday, I decided to use the discount I had earned from my first purchase and get what would become a cheap curry night.

£6 curry, rice and poppadum deal sounded good, added on a few extras (over £15) to get a free bottle of beer to go with dinner. With discount the total came to less than a tenner.

  • food arrived on time
  • :)
    I think they had made a mistake though.
    warm beer and cold food. Bland food that has minimal spice and is watery. And they can't even get the minty yoghurt right!

    Anyway, no more custom from me.


    I thought I'd try them after hearing only good things. The menu sounded really good to be honest. Delivery time was a little long but nothing to moan about. I found the quality of the food though was not on par with it's price. In all honesty I rate East India's dishes slightly better and probably at about 1/3 of the price.


    Bombay Bicylcle is a load of S*** , I would not reccommend it to anybody, never apply for job there - unless you wish to work for FREE!! THEY DON'T PAY STAFF AND GIVE EXCUSES AFTER EXCUSES!! The food is all foreign and pre-packagged before it gets to the shop - the chefs add water to it and thats basically it!! Hair Nets don't exist in the kitchens, The staff never have uniform , They often forget orders, the MANAGERS GET LOST ON DELIVERYS!! WITH A SAT-NAV!!! Food is always late ,
    The poppadoms sit there for three days and still get used!! Stores are constantly a mess, there MICE IN THERE!!! Orders always come through the system WRONG!! or NOT AT ALL!!
    The staff are not organised and no communication , Managers DONT EXIST!! Delivery bikes are always falling apart, its a health hazard to the drivers! The managers dont even know the code to switch the ALARMS off!! constanly going off , their rude to customers and people often get ill from the chicken from abroad!!
    Trading standards would have a field day - the stores do not carry a liquer licence and sell it anyways!!!


    [quote=HAD ENOUGH] Managers DONT EXIST!!

    The managers don't exist? No wonder they can't use a sat nav then.....


    I have had 3 or 4 takeaways from here now, and the quality of the food is consistently excellent.

    I have had no issues with the service so far, anf my only slight negative is that it is a bit pricey compared to other Indian take-aways in the area. For me the quality of the food definitely outweighs the extra cost, but it is not the place to go if you are looking for a cheap take away.

    For cheap (but good) Indian take-aways, my recommendations would go to The Raj in Surbiton or Al Amin in Kingston.


    Have used them twice this year and the food has been excellent and the delivery dead on time


    Hi. I ordered a meal from here a few weeks ago and I thought the food was very good. The service was very speedy, friendly too.



    Call me Victor Meldrew if you like, but I'm still cross about this so I'm copying what I wrote on a different discussion last year:

    Bombay Bicycle Club: Appalling customer service.

    I had an unbelievable experience over the weekend with the manager of this new Indian take-away failing to honour a promotion offered on their menus.

    When I first saw the new shop being fitted, I was looking forward to a bit of variety and using their sleek looking web site. I was hoping for easy payment using a credit card, clear instructions for my address and error free orders. And this was the case for my first couple of deliveries.

    Unfortunately this all changed over the weekend. I put in my order as before, taking extra effort to include a promotion code (a free bottle of wine) off their menu into a special coupon box on the web site's order form. I then added my dishes to the order including a bottle of beer and submitted the form. Luckily it gives you an chance to add any extras you may have forgotten, in my case a lassi. Things went a bit strange here as the lassi wouldn't get added to my order, so in the end I gave up and went ahead without it and paid online. So far so good.

    About 15 minutes after my allotted delivery time, I got a call from them saying my delivery would be about 10 minutes late. Not great, but fair enough it was Friday night and at least they phoned.

    Eventually the delivery arrived and it wasn't long before I discovered I had a missing chicken dish, no beer and no bottle of wine. So I phoned and explained, and they said they'd send it out in a few minutes. The second delivery arrived soon after, but no beer or wine. I explained this to the bewildered moped rider, but gave up thinking there's no point shooting the messenger.

    So a second call brings the discovery that I wasn't delivered the beer and wine because 'I hadn't ordered it'. This came as a surprise as you can imagine, for I most definitely had. I remembered it quite distinctly. I explained this and was told they'd happily make another delivery if I paid for it. At this point I became more than a little annoyed and told them I wasn't willing to pay, and suggested they to honour their promotion and deliver the beer for free as a gesture of goodwill. At this point I was handed over to the manager.

    A lengthy circular argument ensued with me getting more frustrated with each iteration. The manager was insistent that I wasn't due any beer or wine as it wasn't on his receipt, and I was equally insistent that their online ordering system was clearly at fault and was not willing to pay extra. I'm not know for causing conflict, I may have raised my voice but there was no shouting or swearing (though I felt I needed to), but the manager had so enraged me with his attitude that I was close losing it. He had no sympathy for my frustration and it took a good few minutes before I even got an apology from him. He presumed his system was infallible and the implication was that I was lying. Later that evening someone stuffed a till receipt through my letter box, presumably 'proving' his case, as it showed neither beer nor wine had been ordered.

    The moral? Don't expect decent customer service from the Surbiton branch of the Bombay Bicycle Club. Had they made that gesture of goodwill I'd still be a customer and not writing angry postings on this web site. It seems basic common courtesy isn't so common any more.

    Oh, and if you're still thinking of ordering from them, make sure you confirm every detail of your order, preferably over the phone. I found out later that other people aren't receiving their complimentary wine either.

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