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C'est Bon!
8 Victoria Road



Anyone know how to get hold of the C'est Bon people?

You could try Ritechem further down the High Street. They are (were) behind C'est Bon.


Whatever you do don't eat the breakfast, I was about to order food when I noticed a girl in the kitchen sat on the counter, legs crossed whilst chopping tomatoes onto the hot plate. I actually could not believe my eyes she was in full view and not a bother on her! Who ever owns this place needs to seriously look at their staff. I know what I would do with the lot of them.

I ate here about a month ago and the food was absolutely disgusting as was the service. I definitely wont be going back.


Came for the chess night and kept coming back. Best coffee in Surbiton!


Nice atmosphere, nice food - recommended.


Some people seem to automatically assume that a glowing review of a restaurant or café must have been written by the owner. Maybe these cynics are in fact the owners of rival restaurants...?


This place actually has good food at a good price. Recommended.


I am studying at Kingston and live in Surbiton. I always go here on my way to uni - they have the best coffee and best croissants and are less expensive than the others!

Is someone paying you lot to say all this?

[quote=Anonymous]Is someone paying you lot to say all this?[/quote]

No it's the owner (yet again) plugging his/her business, how sad and insulting is this !


ces't bon has a lovely range of very freshly made foods .Lots of them very different to boring repeated ones at chain coffee shops. All very fairly priced .and my 10 years old like their smoothies too .Chic and trendy .I love to spend a relax morning or afternoon there . Try their yummy chicken kebab and rice.


I've always found the food and coffee at C'est Bon to be consistantly good and the service gracious and friendly. The owner is a lovely man who constantly strives to ensure his customers are happy and always engages in conversation with my 7 year-old son. A welcome addition to Victoria Road among a sea of chain coffe houses. I realy hope it survives.


I first went to C'est Bon! a few weeks ago and have been back many times. Their deli sandwiches are fresh and are always made promptly. The coffee is very good and the atmosphere and interior of the cafe is trendy and modern and a much welcomed change from the series of chain coffee houses in Surbiton! The staff seemed very friendly and the everything is fairly priced. I like the small touches such as the cards and the hand bags - overall a great place to eat and relax. I highly recommend the full english breakfast on a Sunday.


I'm afraid I can't agree with Anonymous - I went there on a Sunday morning for an English breakfast too, and left extremely disappointed. The 'full' english was served promptly, but was frankly terrible. Cold bacon that had been cooked to within an inch of its life (it actually crumbled when I tried to stick it on my fork), egg with a broken yolk, a cold, uncooked tomato, a tiny portion of beans, all served with an amazingly bland coffee to wash it down.

Little things grate about C'est Bon! as well, like the fact that they clearly want to be a trendy, fashionable, slightly upper-crust type cafe, and yet don't have waitress service, no proper menu and condiments come in sachets. How hard is it to just put salt and pepper shakers on the tables? As for the overpriced handbags and cards for sale on the shelves...why?!

As I was sitting at my table attempting to swallow my cold yet overcooked food, I couldn't help but notice how many other customers were receiving poor service. There was one table that was served the wrong smoothie twice, and another that sat waiting for their coffees to be brought over while others who ordered after them were served first. Everything was brought over by a very grumpy looking waitress whose face appeared not have hosted a smile for a good few years. I wondered why she seemed so angry when it was the customers who were far more entitled to a scowl than her.

I believe C'est Bon! is a fairly new arrival in Surbiton (does anyone know how new it is?), I just wonder how long it can survive here so long as it continues to get everything so wrong.

Fantastic food and great service. Makes a great change from all the chains. Well priced and a great addition to the area. Highly recommended!


Went there on a Sunday morning for a fry up. Good food, fairly priced. Don't get the handbags and birthday cards on the walls........even though i ended up buying a birthday card. Staff are friendly but you can tell they are trying hard because it is new.

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