Hotel Bosco



I have been a few times before, but only for drinks and always been amazed at how busy it was. To be honest not my sort of place more of a pub man - anyway it was busy again and had a good atmosphere - they must be doing something right! Never eaten here before - But a friend suggested it, so off we went. I had the burger which was spot on and my friend the salmon. Apparantly watching his weight so all in all, a good night especially as we washed it all down with a few cocktails. I think I will go back - but it wont beat my local.


I love this bar - it has a really good vibe and makes such a nice change from all the pubs around here. It is great to have somewhere stylish like this to be able to go to locally especially since it has a late licence. The cocktails are fab! We went here for my birthday party and we all loved it and will be back.


Not bad but no seats avalable, went next door


Quite like the place, but I don't quite know what it is / trying to be. Is it a bar, or a restaurant. A hotel? It ends up being not quite any of the three. Stayed in the hotel for one night - no discount despite booking one of 10 empty rooms at 6.30pm for that night and about as cheap as a 5* in Park Lane!

Good location for a beer on the way to / from the station though and never seen a whiff of trouble.


This hotel seems to be very popular, I specially like the friendly personnel part, any hotel is far more attractive if the personnel is well trained to deal with all types of customers. I have some experience with European hotels, there are some pretty little wonders to discover out there.
Gordman, Chania Hotels


I think it's really nice. Surbiton has needed somewhere like this for a really long time. The staff are really friendly and although it's slighlty more expensive than other places (by about 50p!) it's what you pay to be in a nicer atmosphere. I stayed there a couple of weeks ago (I won a prize in a raffle) and the rooms are gorgeous and very comfy!

I actually think the drinks prices are quite reasonable by Surbiton standards. I would not even mind if they went up a bit as it seems to be the only way to keep the chavs at bay. Take a trip to Gordon Bennett with it's £4 pints of Peroni and you won't see any chavs at all, but go to Corkys with it's 'Carling £2.25 all day' deal and you won't see anyone apart from chavs. There must be some link!

Of course, the best option would be £2 pints in a non-threatening atmosphere, but I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon.


With a combination of poor quality food and bad service I would not wish to recommend this establishment to my worst enemy, to be totally honest you are better off in the pub next door.

Bosco is sliding down St Marks Hill as it gradually merges with its neighbour.!


I love the place, they have great cocktails at great prices (especially when you see the premium spirits that go in them all). The food is delicious, I would really recommend their express menu, it's a bit like a set menu but better. Reasonably priced you get a choice of around 3 starters, 5 mains and 3 deserts for just under £10 for 2 courses and 12 pounds something for 3 courses. It's served until 7 on the weekdays, so we quite often pop down after work for a quick dinner. It's getting better and busier!


Management have no interest in providing any private function facility,do not even bother to reply.


Had a very disappointing and overpriced meal there. Can't say we will be back.

We ordered Mezze which turned out to be what seemed 'recycled' buffet food, a far cry from the wonderful Greek food we expected. The main course was similarly uninspired, very under seasoned calf.

When mentioning the problems with the food to the waiter, there was no manager coming around to check with us. Just a 'sorry' and that was it. Left our complaint with the receptionist including out phone number, surprise surprise, no call after 5 days.

So a big fat Zero for customer service, equally for taste and the very same for value for money. As a bar, it seems fine but for fine dining, which we'd expected at these prices, there are much better options in Surbiton.


The lounge is promising, however a few things i they need to work out:

-Are they doing table service or not? i have been there a few times now and orginally it was table service, but now not even the menu's are on the tables you have to go to the bar and ask.

-They give you the option of a carafe, but only in 350ml. A £3.50 glass of wine (175 ml glass) , is also sold in a 350ml carafe for £7, which is served with 2 tiny glasses. so what is the benefit of buying the carafe when you can simply buy 2 glasses? isnt the usual size for carafe's 500ml, that makes sense as people dont always want a full 750ml bottle.


nice bar had birthday drinks there and got very drunk.
good prices and good range of drinks/cocktails/wines.

only one problem. the restaurant stays open till 10 and the tables do not move until much later ( i was there till 11.00 and the tables had still not moved. After being told by a very pleasant bar staff that i should definetly come down for my birthday because after 10 they move the tables and the atmosphere is great with people dancing a little etc I was a bit annoyed when at 11.00 the tables were still taking up loads of space.
depends what your looking for.
think it will do well in surbiton.

difficult when its a restuarant and bar at the same time. but would def recommened.


Its not really a hotel, not really a restaurant, not really a pub. It's trying to be everything but doesn't excel at anything. Some of the staff are very good. The menu also is relatively cheap, but you wouldn't pay a decent price to sit and eat a nice meal in what looks and feels like a railway station buffet anyhow.


Fabulous food - Michelin quality dining but bistro atmosphere & prices !

Good luck with your new restaurant.

We hope to be back soon. C&I of Esher

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