37 Brighton Road



If you know your curry (i.e. you don't order a chicken tikka), then this is the place to go.
My favourite is the lucknowi lamb, but the chicken green curry is a close second.

Friendly staff. I ate in this place twice before moving out of surbiton for about 3 years - but when I came back they remembered me.

Probably the only think that lets this place down is the Dhal. It's just a bit watery and tastes like the main ingredient is an oxo stock cube.


I have been a fan of Indian food since the first time I had a meal at my friends house about 12yrs ago, so you can imagine I have eaten a few currys in my time.I love going to restaurants and enjoying a pleasant evening out but not on this occasion, I had the misfortune of dining with a few friends at this awful place.The food was cold, tasteless and greasy, and when we complained instead of trying to rectify the problem by even reheating the food they told us there wasn't anything they could do about it as there was nothing wrong, how bloody rude.We felt insulted and left the restaurant promising never to return and warn as many people as possible, so they won't waste their hard earned money here.
Stay away from this awful, awful place!!!!!!!!!!!!


Visited Joy last week and what a joy it was. The waiter couldn't have been more helpful had he offered to sit on our laps and feed us. He ran through the menu at great length, pointing out the many unusual dishes and elaborating on their ingredients and heat. Then the drinks arrived within a few minutes. The dishes themselves were beautifully cooked and presented; rich, delicate, clean tasting and full of fresh herbs and spices. A world away from the bog standard stuff dished up at the Red Rose. The decor was very pleasant too, not as dark and gloomy as Maya a few doors down. So yes, we'll be back. And no, I'm not on Joy's payroll.


I have been there a few times and always found it good and interestingly different from the Red Rose. Maybe they overdo the garlic which you don't notice until your friends tell you!
It would be nice if anonymous posters at least described their experiences after unloading random criticism to avoid giving the impression of a vendetta. Why not make the effort and register, anyway? It would give comments more credence.


Terrible experience at this terrible restuarant, won't be going back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've been coming to Joy since it first opened and it's my favourite restaurant in Surbiton.

The food is excellent, the service is great too.

The menu has some of the "usual" Indian favourites on there, but is mostly comprised of delicious dishes that you've never heard of.

I can't recommend this place highly enough!


I tried Joy last Saturday and was totally disgusted by the whole experience, take my tip and stay away!


Awful! Cannot beleive this restaurant and the staff! Food was cold on arrival to the table, yes i mean the table, not takeaway! Mentioned it to a waiter and he then spoke to someone else who spoke to someone else and finally we had someone come over and take it away only to bring it back two minutes later sort of luke warm. Obviously been microwaved. When i mentioned this was not a fresh again the waiters just ignored us. I paid for what i ate and will never be going back! Just a complete disaster!!!


The best curry house in Surbiton, bar none. Great food (try something you don't recognise...), better service and great atmosphere.


Joy is a superb restaurant, excellent food - not the conventional Indian style - excellent service and nice ambience. We have been going for years, and will continue to do so


Excellent food with lots of interesting and unusual flavours. Clean, clear decor and friendly service.

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