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Hello Surbitron!
We are a second hand bike shop on the bottom or top if you like of Brighton rd. Where it meet Portmouth rd.(151 Brighton rd kt6 5nw).We would like to let you guys know that the shop is under new management, §we are still doing secondhand bike, custom builds, resprays and servicing.If you have an old bike you want to donate to us we would recycle it and put it to good use.We are the old school bike mechanics and take pride in our work.
thank you.
our opening times are 10-6 monday to satuarday. tel.020 8399 8365.

Recycle Bike Shop
151 Brighton Road
0208 399 8365



This appears to have shut down now. A great shame.

No, I was in there today - still in business and offering good value and great quality maintenance on your bike, as always.


For a small independant compony they have excellent stocks. I rely on my bike for commuting and as a result do alot of miles on it. While other bike shops tend to turn their nose up at my old Ridgeback and try to sell me a new inferior bike, Recycle fix the issue. This is an ethically run shop with excellent service and is extremely reasonably priced. I also bought a second hand bike for my son that he is still chuffed with a year later. Good honest small business.


I found my stolen bike there... apparently they didn't suspect the (clearly) fake ID and huge bargain for a high spec bike.

Sold my bike here last year and they would only accept passports or driving licences. Bike thieves don't care if they get caught as its a slap on the wrist so will always provide 'real' ID. Unfortunately you just can't avoid some people selling stolen bikes in a town that has one of the highest rate of bike theft in the country. I can guarantee the owner of this shop has no intention on selling stolen bikes or buying them but you can't turn away every person that walks in the door incase the bike is stolen. Also, he wasn't the one who stole your bike, cut him some slack.


If you're a woman, you'll most likely not be taken seriously and treated in a condescending way.

Are you sure it was because you are a woman? Maybe you're just not that bright.


Don't you ever answer the phone? Are you actually open?

It must have been such an inconvenience for you but not as much as the owner i'm sure.. considering he works alone and has been taken sick a lot recently, meaning loss of work, money and lovely customers like you..


Had the part I needed :-)


And you didn't brought a bike, you bought it. Ignoramus. Well said, Someone Else. I've bought three bikes from these guys and they are excellent.


Really friendly staff.

I have been here a few times, most recently just to see if they had a spare nut for my back wheel. Guy comes out with spanner, puts it on for me and tightens it up and explains that there is no charge.

I recommend this place.


Extremely helpful staff, totally knowledgeable, very honest


I've been to this shop a few times, to check prices and ask questions. Very helpful staff...super knowledgeable and don't try to con you. Great prices too. Couldn't recommend this shop more! :)


I have 3 boys who use their bikes a lot! This is the best shop in all of Surrey. Having tried a few of the other local shops this is by far the best. Cheap, quick and the most helpful staff. I even bought a beautiful second hand ladies bike, Raliegh Caprice which was tons cheaper than the Ebay ones i was watching!
The best thing about this shop is the staff, they have made my life so easy and such nice people. Love the guys and will use them forever! Thanks boys xxx


This is a fantastic bike shop with amazing staff. They refurbed a rusted classic for me and did an amazing job, its like new now although its 50 years old. Its also well worth a look at what they have got outside for sale too.


Brought an item from this company through Ebay, charged £10 delivery for a £3.20 parcel, said he would review costs after postage then refused to refund. Item wasnt as discribed, not functioning correctly, asked for a partially refund that would have still left me out of pocket to have fixed, refused to act in a fair and resonable way in my opinion

Erm - Recycles Surbiton dont actually sell anything on Ebay, or online - they don't even have a website. Think your slagging off the wrong company matey.
Get your facts checked.


only the BEST bike shop in the whole area. Staff who know their bikes from their bokes and mechanics who'll make the worst rusty frankenstein of a bike feel like its rolling new from a factory floor

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