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The Royal British Legion
Hollyfield Road
0208 399 0695
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Gd Mrnng Sr / Mdm. Pls rfr t th ml blw nd wbpg lnk bv frm Rg Ftzptrck rgrdng R-Ddctn n 22nd ctbr t Srbtn Cmtry f hs Grnd Fthrs Grv. wld b mst grtfl f ths ml cld b frwrdd t th Srbtn Brnch Chrmn fr hpfl ctn. Rg's dtls r s fllws: rg@nvl.nt Mlt 21 559 337 Vry Mny Thnks, Stv Stv Lws Cnty Chrmn Th Ryl Brtsh Lgn Crnwll H Stv, f y rmmbr wrt t y vr yr g cncrnng th vndlstn f my grndfthr’s grv n Srbtn. Y dd sy y wld b ntrstd n hw my prjct f rstrng t prgrsss. Wll, t hs ll gn wll. W srtd t ll th lgl prblms wth rgrd t th wnrshp f th grv, rsd th sm rqrd fr th rstrtn nd tht hs nw bgn. n Mndy 22nd ctbr 2018 w r hldng rddctn crmny t th grvsd n Srbtn Cmtry wth th spprt f th prsnt dy Ryl rsh Rgmnt wh hv prmsd cntngnt whch wll ncld Ppr nd Bglr t ply th lst pst. hv ls rqstd gn slt vr th grv nd Chpln t cndct th crmny bt m wtng n nswr n ths pnts yt. m xpctng cntngnt frm th ld Ryl rsh Rgmntl ssctn frm rlnd t ttnd. n fct hv jst snt thm th ltst rsm f hw r plns r tkng shp. wll ttch t fr yr nfrmtn. hv -mld th scrtry f th lcl RBL n Srry rqst bt hv hd n rply s yt. t wld hv bn wndrfl t hv hd sm ld cmrds prsnt nd fw flgs flyng t shw thr rspct t vry brv, ld Cntmptbl, sldr.

The above text has been deliberately disemvowelled as it is in breach of the terms.

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