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Just curious.
Does anybody still go to Starbucks after the exposure of their massive tax avoidance? Is it now uncool/unhip/whatever to go here?

Do people go to the independents instead?
Has Surbiton's Starbucks seen a drop in business?

Yes it is full all the time like all the other cafes in Surbiton,doesn't anyone work any more or are the yuppies just intent on multiplying judging by all the Beta Buggies that blockade most of our cafes and shops?


Avoid the tax avoiders and go to the local independents instead, such as the Press Room, Pickled Pantry, French Tart instead.
You'll probably meet more interesting people as well.

Anyone who drinks at Starbucks is supporting immoral tax avoidance, see bbc story here

I shall do no such thing!
Are you their accountant or do you work for HMRC? No, I didn't think so.
As usual the media have made you all hysterical. The facts have not been given and profits, if any have not been accounted for, I suggest you get off your high horse and let those in the know do their job. If Starbucks are in the wrong then they will face the consequences.

Face the consequences, don't make me laugh.


Let's look beyond the corporate hatred and actually review this establishment. I like Starbucks and I particularly like and support this one (my local branch) and this is not because of the products on sale here it's due to the very friendly warm welcome I get from the regular staff on duty who remember me from one visit to the next and actually say hello to me. They also take the time to chat (as work allows) and they are genuine in the conversations we have and the well wishes given as I leave. There are hard working local people working here for a living and I for one will keep coming back to say hello and get my drink and support the business which has chosen to employ them.

I agree, the staff at Starbucks Surbiton are amazing. Just for their service and attitude to customer service I'll continue to visit this shop. Not to mention just how many times they support local school fetes and community events.


I agree with the "Is what it is" comment. And of all the coffee chains I prefer Starbucks or Costa to the others. However, I do always try to go independent and we have some great cafes in Surbiton that I would recommend first. I'm much more annoyed by the giant McDonalds two doors down.


It is what it is. If you don't like the coffee drink somewhere else. For those of us that do it makes a welcome addition to the High Street alongside local establishments. As Starbucks go it's not the best inside due to the linear layout. Starbucks are genuinely customer-centric as seen by their democratic

Suuport the local independent establishments instead of sucking US corp c.oc.k.


A blight on the high street


the main point of this place was supposed to be good coffee, right? let's not even start on the tasteless beverages, you're better off going to a good independant coffee place that knows about what coffe should taste like an can make it to your own taste instead of their specifications!


US multinational. Over-priced, over-rated, over here.

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