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Great nursery, brilliant staff and facilities what's more to say :) so sad my son is leaving in July.
Really cannot fault it. Hoping to send my second child there next year.


My son is starting his second year at the nursery he hated the holidays and kept asking when he was going back. Its a great nursery with really supportive staff


It could be that staff are giving themselves a high rating here. The problem is the truth needs to come out. SCC is not the type of place I'd recommend to anyone. What they say and what they do is totally different.
Apart from this, it is not what it should gbe. Lots of the parents are very well off at the nursery and the centre sometimes runs groups that are almost exclusively filled with mums who have high-powered jobs like doctors and lawyers. This is not what Sure Start is meant to be about. I believe money is being wasted on a grand scale there.

Nope, more likely that you're an ideologically driven Tory troll that can't handle the truth that education is best provided by those that run it for the benefit of children, not profit.
Or you're a private sector rival, employing younger and less qualified staff and can't compete with the quality offering.

To re-iterate, as a parent of a currently attending child, this place is superb.
The quality of learning is excellent, the staff are highly motivated and well qualified.
I've been speaking to other parents almost every day for the last 3 years , and honestly, not one has ever said otherwise. The children are so well prepared for big school - imo, this has a positive bearing for the local primary schools - it's no coincidence that the local primary school early years ofsted reviews are good as well.

Yes, the nursery is full of children of all backgrounds, but isn't that how it should be, shouldn't high quality learning be available to all? The fact that it is so popular and highly regarded should be celebrated, not used in a disjointed and ill-thought attack against it.

Oh, and if you still think all these positive reports are fictitious, then take yourself of to the Ofsted site and read the glowing inspection reports. Or maybe, in your delusional world, you think they've been written by the SCC staff as well! Whatever your motive in slandering this brilliant nursery, the facts speak for themselves. I think you should be made to sit in your chair for being naughty.,2,3,4,5,30,31,32,33/(typename)/Childcare


Totally agree; Surbiton Children's Centre Nursery is the best by miles - my three children all thoroughly enjoyed their time there I cannot recommend it highly enough


The staff are committed, dedicated and hard working; they always with out question put the interests of the children before themselves. Two outstanding ofsteds cannot be wrong.
Any complaint received is dealt with in a professional manner and passed to the appropriate authorities; this unfortunately does not suit individuals who normally bully and intimidate less supported settings.


My son goes to this nursery and I am surprised to see some of the negative comments. Its an excellent facitlity with outstanding staff and a very supportive environment.

"There are lots of rich kids at the nursery, some with nannies.."

Quite a bizarre comment. The entry criteria for the nursery is based on distance from the nursery with priority given to those with special needs. The nursery is quite close to the Alpha estate and the background of those who attend seems quite varied (which I see as a good thing).

I wouldn't take these anti SCC posts seriously.
They're probably the work of a private sector rival unable to match the quality staff, or a Tory troll trying to soften up any (entirely justified) criticism if they try to close the SCC on ideological grounds over the next few years.


Parents are afraid to pipe up. They know how much they risk iof they do. Those that do are stamped on. It is a hard-nosed place. They'll do anything for a good Ofsted rating. There are lots of rich kids at the nursery, some with nannies, although it's a sure start nursery and they try to pretend this isn't the case. Sure start should be for kids whose parents are on the bread line. Funds need to be slashed so they're forced to focus on this type of child only.

It's also no secret they start records of development low so they can show a steep development curve, so it appears the nursery is responsible for a child's development, when a child may have reached many of these milestones before going to the nursery. They don't treat children as individuals. They're only interested in looking good for Ofsted. The system has become corrupt.

Mate you 're talking out the back of you're head. As a parent with a child with special education needs. We are absolutley delighted with the support and understanding that we recieve from the highly motivated and dedicated team of staff.

As for slashing their funding because you feel children who attend should be living in poverty I find pretty offensive. I'd suggest you applied for a job and were unsuccesful. Hence the reason for the huge chip on your shoulder.


Hiding what goes on isn't healthy


Brilliant nursery. Great staff who are very well motivated.


My daughter started at the children's centre 3 months ago and she has blossomed in that short time, they have amazing facilities and the staff are approachable, friendly and supportive.

She used to go to a different local pre-school with limited resources and grumpy staff - I am so pleased that we have been able to switch to the children's centre.

For anyone looking for their pre-school ofsted report it is listed under 'schools, nursery education provider' on the ofsted website. The other pre-schools and the children's centre holiday club are listed under 'early years and childcare'. Is easy to


Fantastic nursery. Really good staff and great facilities. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


Surbiton Children's Centre Nursery does not record complaints made about them. They use bullying tactics against anyone who makes a complaint.

Then take it up with council, rather than mouthing off on an internet board, you moron. I very much doubt that you have a complaint of any substance, but if you do, in the interests of child protection, you should do it formally:

For the record, I've had two children go through this nursery and I have nothing but praise for the staff and management. It is the most wonderful environment for children to learn. The staff are incredibly motivated, and are more highly qualified than other nurseries.

Ofsted reports have consistently rated the nursery as very good. Every other parent I've met speaks passionately in praise of the care their children have received. I really hope that it doesn't get affected by these cutbacks - it is a rare gem.

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