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I feel compelled to defend the honour of Surbiton Tennis Club. I walked in a year ago to get my son off the couch and signed us up for a family squash lesson. Thanks to the fantastic coaching team and the amazing friendliness of the members, I became a squash addict and attended women’s group lessons. And then I got my husband fully hooked. We signed up as members and we LOVE it.
But it gets even better.
We tried a game of padel. And we are now fully padel addicts as well. To give you a sense of how much this club has changed our lifestyle- my husband stopped going to the gym 4 years ago and only took long walks for exercise. He now plays padel or squash 3-4 times each week. The amazing friendliness of the padel socials has been a highlight of our experience with the club. We are now friends with people in their 20s and their 60s. I can’t tell begin to tell you how much I love the club and what a very special and generous place it is. The staff are welcoming, kind, and fun. Yes, you could pay more to go to a fancier club but you’ll never get the warmth of the Surbiton club. Trust me, this is the BEST deal you can ask for if you play racket sports.
Full disclosure we’re 47 and 49. We had minimal racket sports background before this. I picked up squash from scratch and we both picked up padel from scratch.
We love this club and a pox on anyone who complains that it’s old-fashioned!!!


I have only just joined Surbiton Rackets club - I'm 26, from a professional tennis background, out after knee injuries and worked in the international fitness scene for a decade. This club, with all it's simplicity ticks every box for me. Plenty tennis, very good lawn in the summer and a strong tennis setup that isn't cliquey (a rarity on the tennis scene). Good level of ability at social tennis nights and a set of great staff to boot, you can't really go wrong. Perhaps there is, as some suggest, a larger demographic of mature members, however I'd much rather be surrounded by quality people than a bunch of egotistical wannabes who prefer the BS brand name of their club, than the actual activity going on inside. If you want spa quality changing and enjoy procrastinating, this isn't the place for you; If I want a tropical shower, I'll just have one at home. For those ignorant individuals misinformed by life and plagued with negativity, better you don't join, as I'm sure the club wouldn't benefit from your unsavoury energy - Big Up all the Surbiton Members, this is a great/one-of-a-kind place. :-D


That fitness club has good features for different sports.


It is sad when other Clubs try to complain about another Club so as to put off the person looking to join. Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club offers a variety of sports and activities for all. Tennis, squash, fitness, table tennis, social etc are all available at a reasonable cost - pop in and have a look for yourself !

All Clubs have their good and bad points - try out a number of Clubs and see for yourself - there are several Clubs in Surbiton and I am sure there is one for everyone including the Gym Critic!


In the back streets of Berrylands amongst the midges from the sewage farm Surbiton Health & Fitness Club exists in a time warp from the 1970's.
Predominantly an old fashioned tennis club from a bygone age with a membership where the average age exceed's 45, and a certain life form of suburbanite being exists. Typical tennis members, or overweight sweaty oikish squash players dominate at the bar in what is the original club house built in 1881. The changing room's are inadequate, and pose a health risk or at least they did in 2008.
A plethora of staff exist, but don't actually seem to do anything. If the bar is unmanned then 10 minutes can pass without actually seeing anyone until a dishevelled student might appear from the kitchen in a kind of trance. Communication is normally by means of a nod, wink, and a grunt.
Beware of the tennis members as they are toxic in the extreme in particular the elderly female variety. This club is akin to a very old fashioned golf club where behaviour traits have gone unchecked for decades, and members are very set in their ways with a committee for every category.
If you're young, hip, and happenin' be a dude and go to the professionals ... enjoy.

The club is fantastic, the staff are fantastic, the facilities and members are fantastic.
Posts like this make you look pretty stupid if you cannot bring any positives to the table.
I wonder what club can tick the boxes of your bitter and twisted viewpoint. Good luck finding it...

what a fantastic attitude to have,the club has a lot to offer to the members and the local community.My son loves this club and looks forward to the activities that go on though the summer months.

Fantastic you say? In what sense ... maybe bizarre, or perhaps grotesque? ... do you have any other adjectives in your vocabulary apart from the word 'fantastic'?!!

what a cross person you are to have such a negative attitude towards such a harmless activity.:(


Excellent facilities and for my partner and I it cost £95 a month which was the same price as I was paying down the road at another gym. It doesn't have a pool but I only ever used it once at the other club and I was paying double! Staff are very friendly and and the whole atmosphere is much nicer. When I get bored of the gym I can play tennis or squash - all in all excellent value for money!


Been a member 3 years now, after leaving cannons and before that being a fitness first member. Surbiton is clearly the best of them all.

Surbitons a great club as others have said - top quality gym, brilliant Personal Training Staff, running club, tennis, squash, racketball, circuits, yoga.....

Just tell the PT staff your goals and they will use there skill & expertise to make you exceed you best expectations.

What more could you want in a such a loverly setting!


Used to hate going to the gym, but love Surbiton Racket & fitness Club.

The personal training team have helped me go from an unfit person who could not run a mile to easily doing a half marathon.

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