Village Pizza



Surbiton Branch
7 Claremont Road, Surbiton,KT6 4QR


what is the shops telephone number?


Village Pizza hygiene rating seems to have gone down from 2/5 stars to 1/5 stars at the last inspection:
This boils down to "Poor level of compliance with food safety legislation. Much more effort required."

Well it actually is 3 star rating.


Best pizza around - outdoes most sit down and eat places. Good value too, especially with the BOGOF offer. Vegetarian ones are lovely - never had a bad pizza from here.


They don't have mozzerella cheese - only a 'mixed' cheese topping and they got angry when I wanted mozzerella by itself...

Sorry for asking for the most basic ingredient of a pizza.


I've loved Village Pizza since it opened.... ooh, God knows how long ago! I'm also amazed by some of the negative comments here as I've always had great pizza from here and prices are very reasonable if you go for one of the "deals". Truly hope the rumours about it shutting aren't true.


Great pizza! Fantastic buy one get one free when you collect. I hope they aren't closing... (rumours)


I was really amazed reading some comments about village pizza…as we are a regular customers, we never had any sort of problem before.We love their pizza and I still think their pizza is one of the best! I strongly recommend trying the Marinara it’s a real pleasure!!!!


I don't recommend their online ordering service (which seems to go via a 3rd party). After two hours and four phonecalls on Friday night, still no pizza had arrived. The advice I was given was "please call us as well after ordering online". Hopeless. You might expect a free pizza after all that trouble, but no.


For those interested in the hygiene rating of Village Pizza:

As of last inspection, it got 2/5 stars (Feb 2008), which is half way between "good" and "poor", which boils down to:

"Broadly compliant with food safety legislation. More effort required to meet all legal requirements."

Do you suppose Pizza Hut's any better?

Pizza Hut on Brighton Road only gets 1 star! Thats one less than Village Pizza.


Better than average pizza place. Good deals and only £5.49 for a single medium deep-pan if you only want one - some other pizza places penalise you quite heavily for ordering just one pizza. Staff always friendly. They've recently been fined for opening late, which is a shame. They provide a good service and there's rarely any noise or disruption from there, especially compared to the bar (can't remember name - was Corky's) over the road.


Really tasty, fresh pizzas from here, and really cheap if you go for the 'buy one get one free' collection deal.

Picks up a few chavs late at night due to proximity to the station and cheap prices, though.

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