Oh dear just seen a bit about the "manifesto" from the Tories.

Limp and lacklustre,where is the backbone where has the grit and determination gone from this great party,its gone all "feely feely touchy touchy" how on earth are we supposed to gain encouragement that they can deal with the mighty deeds that need to be done?

Isn't there a Liberal Democrat Councillor with a daughter named Poppy.....

Probably,but he or she must be very old as i am over 60.

I have had the odd email exchange and found Helen to be very prompt,courteous and knowledgeable.

It is a great pity that she is contesting the seat against Ed Davey who is an excellent LOCAL mp,sadly Ed will never be in a position to have any influence at all on the great events that need to take place to restore Great Britain after 13 years of the New Labour disaster,and for that reason i will be voting for Helen.

I have not met her, but I can't help but think that the Tories need to field a slightly more 'heavyweight' candidate if they are to stand any chance in Kingston & Surbiton.

Clearly, they are not going to risk any of their front-benchers in what has become a safe Lib Dem seat, but they need to show good gains in areas like this if they are to get into Government.

I'm not sure that you could really say that Ed Davey's seat has become a safe one, especially after such a relatively short time in parliament, just three elections. I believe he won the seat in 1997 by a margin of less than 100 votes, not the most convincing victory of that election certainly. In 2001 his majority was a pretty impressive 15,000. However by 2005 this majority has been reduced to less than 9,000, quite a significant drop.

A safe seat? Time will tell.

I agree, but it is still a big majority to overturn. Ed Davey has a big personal presence as well from the work that he has done locally. The Lib Dems seem more confident in retaining this seat than neighbouring Richmond Park or Sutton & Cheam for that reason.

The Kingston and Surbiton Lib Dems have always relied on tactical voting, with their 'Labour will never get in here' slogans. Ironically, it will be tactical voting on a national scale that could lose them this seat, with masses of people turning back to the Tories because they are the only feasible way of getting rid of labour.

I feel sorry for Ed Davey in this regard. If I was voting for an MP rather than a party, he would get my vote, but as he represents the 'also-rans' nationally, I will probably vote for Helen.

I've met Helen Whately a couple of times. I found her pleasant. She might make a good MP one day, but for now Ed Davey will receive my vote.

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