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Asian women "tricked into prostitution" in Surbiton, detectives say

Detectives who cracked a £1m Surbiton brothel empire have described how Asian women were tricked into prostitution.

Police informant found guilty of running Surbiton brothel

A former police informant has been found guilty by a jury of helping traffic women at brothels, including one behind Surbiton station.

Surbiton couple return from Haiti with a mission

A Surbiton couple who spent three months in Haiti, dealing with the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake, have returned and vowed to devote their lives to helping the country.

Bumper month for Cornerhouse, Surbiton

The Cornerhouse Theatre in Surbiton enjoys a bumper month of activities.

Surbiton antique shotgun pub will be allowed to reopen

A Surbiton pub which had its licence revoked when an antique shotgun was found on the premises has been allowed to re-open, despite two petitions from residents.

Surbiton girl takes on Nessy and Scottish summer

A Surbiton swimmer will brave the freezing depths of Loch Ness in a tartan costume later this summer and perhaps come face to face with the legendary monster.

Police renew appeals after cricket bat fight near Tolworth school

Police are still investigating a fight involving a gang of people and a cricket bat near Tolworth Girls’ School.

Suspended prison sentence for teen who set fire to train seats

A Chessington teenager who caused more than £1,000 of damage, after setting fire to seats on a train travelling between Tolworth and Chessington, has been handed a 12-week suspended prison sentence by Kingston magistrates.

Davey holds on in Kingston and Surbiton, despite Conservative surge

Liberal Democrat Edward Davey held his seat in Kingston and Surbiton, after a lengthy count which lasted until nearly 6am.

Surbiton brothel worker "duped" by madam girlfriend, court hears

A man who became a police informant while working in a Surbiton brothel was duped by his girlfriend about the fact she was using trafficked Thai prostitutes, he claimed in court this week.

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