The Hogsmill River – A Journey Through Time

May '12
Fri 18th


Kingston Museum
Wheatfield Way
0208 547 5006

As part of the Heritage Lottery Fund ‘Hogsmill Project’ KuTAS is now preparing:
- our own exhibition on The Hogsmill River and our investigations of 2011
- this will run for 6 weeks in May and June,
- and will start with special opening evenings for members and supporters

This will be a full exhibition covering KuTAS members’ research on the Hogsmill, the story of our Site Investigations from July 2011, children’s activities, and featuring photos, maps, finds, archaeological tools, video of KuTAS at work on site, and the website with its Field Diary and Gallery of Photos.

The Exhibition is being designed and prepared in conjunction with Kingston Museum, who are providing invaluable advice, support, and expertise. We will employ a graphics designer to finalise the exhibition boards, but most of the work will be by KuTAS members and supporters.

May 19, 2012 (All day)