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The Seething Festival 2017

Feb '17
Sun 26th


This free community event which celebrates its 8th year brings people together to remember Lefi the Goatboy of Mount Seething who drove the giant away through the power of making cheese.

We want to make sure that The Seething Festival 2017 is bigger and better so make sure that you join in. The day will start around 2.00 at St Andrew’s Square, Maple Road with music & a charity bar and the chance to make mask and head dresses for the Grand Procession around Seething at 3.30pm. After the procession there will be more entertainment until we end at 5.00pm.

You can come in fancy dress, normal clothes or join one of the Ancient Guilds of Seething - The Cheesemakers, The Talcum Miners, The Taxonomists, The Water- Bearers, The Freshwater Sardine Fishers and The Cyclists.

February 26, 2017 - 2:00am