Giant Story Music - story making workshop

Mar '17
Sat 18th


The Museum of Futures
Brighton Road

A unique collaboration between Makiko Yamamoto and The Community Brain who will co-host Giant-Story-Music. Makiko has been working on “DAIDARABO AND HOLIBURN” based on research about gigantic mythologies in Japan and southwest England.

This event consists of three sections. We will start with a presentation about our activities: “DAIDARABO AND HOLIBURN” and myths of giants in Japan, and look at the role of giants in Seething. In second section, we put a focus on “making a story” where everyone can help to try to create a story about giants with visitors from different points of characters in the story. In the third section, under the theme of “sleep”, which is one of key words of Makiko’s research, we create a dream world with music.

March 18, 2017 - 8:00pm