Additional public Tolworth Tesco planning consultation meeting

Jan '70
Thu 1st


Tolworth Girls' School
Fullers Ways North
020 8397 3854

After a massive turn out for the last consultation meeting regarding the proposed Tesco development in Tolworth, an additional public meeting has been announced.

Doors open 7:00pm
Meeting starts 7:30pm


I’ve never known so may whinging people moaning of a supermarket that’s not even on their own doorstep but on a major road (A3)

Why on earth would you NOT want a Tesco store that WILL bring MONEY (employment) (taxation)to the area

Have you lot got nothing else to MOAN ABOUT?

The pressure from local residents who do not want a Tesco store is considerable. My mother was just persuaded to sign an anti-tesco petition and she is looking forward to being able to walk up to Tesco to shop. We, as a family, think that the proposal Tesco has made will be both beneficial to the area and extremely convenient for local shoppers like ourselves. It is all well and good to try and create a sense of community through a common cause, but I am pretty sure that a secret ballot of people in this area would be pretty closely split. Our family is unwilling to upset our neighbours by disagreeing with them publicly but Tesco has our vote.

I received a letter from Tesco yesterday, inviting to this new meeting on the 29th. I'm not sure at the moment if I will go, especially because I actually feel that the general plan for developing a Tesco Store on the site is a good one - I may get lynched!

My thoughts are that we need to look past our selfish requirements for such a development, and observe the bigger picture.

Any development will increase jobs in the area, and any development will act as a catalyst for improvements throughout the area, be it public improvements on the high street, or private improvements with residents improving their properties. All this can only be a good thing, and we need to look past our personal opinions!

I would be interested to see a 2 - 5 year plan with an impact assessment covering each year as to how the development will change and grow over time, commissioned by Tesco. There would of course be a period of time during construction where the traffic and high street will be affected dramatically, but think of the overall benefits to the entire community!

Am I alone with this view?

Do you have any other information we can put on the diary page regarding the venue, time, etc? webmaster

I think building another Tescos is totally ridiculous as there is a Tescos superstore in New Malden, the site would be better used for leisure facilities even possibly an ice rink like the one Richmond lost so many years ago, why do we need all these big superstores? we dont, so come on RBK put something back into the community and say no to TESCOS

Thanks for the heads-up. I've added it to the calendar. webmaster

If anyone is interested there is a Tesco public consultation on Tuesday 17th June at 6pm. Location: Knollmead primary school, Tolworth.

People say Tolworth Broadway is ugly but walking down the other day I was rather happy. The grocers had all their fresh fruit and vegetables out, the broadway bar/cafe had their windows wide open, the pavements were clean and many happy children, families etc were walking down to the broadway.

I totally agree the rails and the subways are ugly and a pelican crossing would would be far nicer. Some more cafes as apose to greasy spoons would add appeal to the area. The wide pavements on either side of the broadway make it a nice high street to walk down.

This is my opinion anyway.

What do I want to see on the MOD site....
1. A swimmimg pool + leisure facilities.
2. Community space, plus improvements to tolworth station + broadway.
3. Around 400 units of housing. 50% affordable and some houses.
4. If Tesco can make this possible I would be more in favour of having a medium size store on the site.
5. FOR ME I will not use the broadway any less. I buy my meat at the butchers, I have the occasional greasy spoon at my favourite cafe, I buy frozen burgers at Iceland, I buy lovely deserts at M&S.

I would like to hope that Tesco seriously decrease the size of the store as they are INCREASING the size of the one at Shannons corner.......
If Tesco match in sqaure meteres the size of their store to a swimming pool, leisure facilities and community space I would have to support such a scheme.

The impact on traffic pollution will have to be mitigated by improving the road layout.
In terms of parking how feaible is it to build an underground car park?
FREE parking must be allowed on the site to allow link trips to the broadway and bowling etc.

I totally agree with you. There is a massive opportunity to develop the Broadway, and Tolworth as a whole. But, it needs to be done right.

I can't think of an area with as cheaper housing as Tolworth, that is as convenient for commuting. Sitting right on the A3 means that you could drive to C London in under half an hour off peak, and there is a zone 5 railway station, albeit on a slow line. With 3 bed semis hitting over £500k in Kingston and Surbiton, and often over £400k in Berrylands, it is amazing that you can buy a very similar house only 2 miles way for under £300k.

More professionals and young families are bound to start moving in as they are priced out of the more expensive areas. Once this happens, the Broadway's shops should start becoming more attractive to businesses other than fast food outlets and charity shops.

It won't happen overnight, and Tolworth's proximity to Kingston will always prevent it becoming a fully integrated high street, but it presents a very good opportunity.

The Broadway links the A3 to Kingston via Surbiton,unless we suffer a catastrophic economic collapse there will allways be traffic congestion.
Nothing less than a total rethink on the whole Broadway and Ewell Road will do,regardless of what may eventually get built on the Tesco site.

Currently the whole corridor from the A3 to Kingston is a disaster for both public and private transport hence the KCR has become an alternative Ewell road even though it is festooned with ludicrous traffic obstructing devices.

Surely we can divert some of the billions that Londoners give to the provinces could be used to help Londoners,it is after all our Capital,in most other countries the Capital is regarded as crown jewel and unless it is radically improved business and the wealth created will slip away.So MPs and councillors lets hear it for London and make a start at Tolworth.

I dont like the idea of buiding 10 stories high. The Urban design breif of the site allocates that only one pooint of the site can be 8 stories (the area nearest to the tolworth roundabout). I believe 3 or 4 stories long the A3 is a fairer size.

Tesco must recuce the number of flats they are proposing.

Tesco must increase the number of spaces in car park and allow customers enough time to make link trips to the broadway.

How feasible is it to build an underground car park? This seems to be like a good idea.

Soon to be graduating I want to see something done with this site. Leisure facilities would be absalutely ideal, and a medical centre would be ideal, however do we need a Tesco store?

I hope some big compramises will be made when Tesco show us their next plan later on this year...

Are you forgetting how awful the broadway looks at the moment. A 8 story high building might actually make tolworth tower look like it was ment to be there, at the moment it looks totally out of place.
I liked tescos plans to build a bridge to connect to the broadway. I also think their plans to enhance the station were good as we need to encourage more people to use public transport.
It would be great to have a public swimming pool somewhere in tolworth but i'm not sure whether tesco would build it.
I agree that there needs to be fewer flats built and maybe some 3/4 bed family homes.
On another point, the broadway as a whole needs a total rethink. I like the idea of taking away the barriers and underpass and replacing it with a pelican crossing. The broadway needs to be made more pedestrian friendly rather than car friendly.
Something needs to be done about Tolworth to improve it soon as it is getting worse and worse.

Seems to me that if traffic is allowed to move, rather than be artificially constrained,the pollution caused would drop as the engines would work more efficiently.
This site is surely brown land and should therefore be fully utilised for housing etc and roads built to cope with extra traffic.

Blocks of flats for our young people to buy are required but everytime this comes up someone shouts about house prices and traffic congestion.Every time Tesco comes up everyone complains about traffic congestion and lack of affordable housing.

Why not allow Tesco the ground and 1st floor,then build another 10 storeys of flats above the shop,the basement can be excavated to provide 5/6 layers of underground parking for both the shop and flats.

Access by tunnel and road reshaping...the cost nil to taxpayers make Tesco foot the bill and take any profits on flat sales and rents.RBK should be allocated a % of flats for social housing but only for selected worthy occupants.

And what about the resultant increase in pollution and congestion. Tesco themselves admit that their proposal will result in thousands of extra car journeys.
And this in an area that already exceeds EU car pollution levels?

Why do we need a new tesco? IMHO kingston borough really needs an upto data leisure facilty with modern swimming pool etc. The tesco site would be ideal.