New Plans for Tolworth

Jan '70
Thu 1st


142-146 The Broadway
142-146 The Broadway

Tesco has produced new plans for Tolworth. They now invite you to see how your feedback has influenced their proposals.

  • Improved links across the A3 to Tolworth Broadway
  • More town centre parking
  • A new Tesco store
  • New homes
  • New community facilities

Additional event on Saturday 22 November

For further information please contact Erika Bugnar on 0118 983 9461


That website is a waste of space at the moment. Just a link to google maps and an email address. This page is better, at least we can leave comments.

considereing this is supposed to be an open and public process of consultation, they make it very hard to find any actual real information online. I wonder why?

Theres some more info on that site now. Plans and stuff.