Hung Leng Kuen (Free Spirit Fist) Kung Fu / Wu Shu

Jan '70
Thu 1st


Hollyfield School
Surbiton Hill Road
020 8339 4500

Hung Leng Kuen is suitable for young, mature, male, female, total beginners and those who have trained before.

Hung Leng Kuen develops focus, strength, flexibility, endurance, ability, and self-confidence for practical, on-the-street self defence and for those who wish to learn a traditional martial art.
Hung Leng Kuen Kung Fu/Wu Shu is a style developed from many true origins of Kung Fu, incorporating the traditional animal-based forms, Chinese boxing, t'ai chi, chi kung and weaponry.
Parking on site. To attend, simply arrive 15 minutes early in sensible training attire.

Costs: £8 for under 16s, £10 for 16s and over. (under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult for their 1st lesson)
Contact: Sifu T.D. Prescott

The Hollyfield School Gymnasium