A3 traffic at Tolworth junction

10 years ago...

Have I been witness to it by coincidence over the last week or has traffic on the A3 at the Tolworth Junction worsened noticeably since the Greenway "improvements"? I know that there have been lane closures on the roundabout in recent weeks but the congestion that I continue to observe is not a result of closures.

I would normally enter the A3 from Princes Avenue however every time I look onto it from Cranborne Avenue there is a queue on the slip road so I turn left instead.

More pollution for the residents of Tolworth!


i drop my Child at nursery on this road. i recall a sign saying it would be complete by September

*glances at calendar*

Ah November.

stuck in it this morning again and i could be wrong but there appears to be a distinct lack of contractors around.

Dear Kingston Council.

please finish this work.


a begrudging tax payer.

The lack of contractors is par for the course at the moment. There never appears to be anyone at the Thames Water debacle on Victoria Road.

There was one exception yesterday. I walked out of Surbiton station and there were FOUR contractors painting the 2 metre stretch of railing outside HSBC. It still seemed to be taking a while. I walked past this morning and it was all done but an awful job.

For some unknown reason no one in traffic management seems to have a brief to improve traffic flows and thus reduce congestion.

The Ewell road is a major route between the A3 and Surbiton and Kingston,blindingly obvious to most of us so why not concentrate
on improving the flow by dualling as much as possible and red routeing the rest.

As a cyclist my route often takes me from Surbiton to Tolworth.
I'd say lately the traffic has been appauling with traffic occasinally backed up all the way from the A3 roundabout to Jennings butchers.
One work van was belching black exhaust smoke causing me to retch. When I held my nose between thumb and forefinger as I tried to cyclce bypass the van the passenger gave me the V-s up sign!
5 mins later I was still navigating the gridlock and some one else was leaning out of the open window of his car and screaming something to the car behind about a yellow line. A bit later another car was blaring it's horn behind a bus because it had stpped (at a bus stop!!!!!).

Yee gads!

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