And now for something that really effects Surbiton!!!

18 years ago...

We have recently been looking at leasing a building for a new business in Surbiton High Street, we found what we thought was an ideal location, next to the old post office. We knew that the old post office and sorting office (St Mary's Road) is going to be redeveloped and we looked into finding out more about the plans, possible disruption to our new business might be

We found this information below

See link: (cut and paste)

Now I am not against development in Surbiton but these plans proposed and so far approved (with alterations pending!) are absolutely horrible and not in keeping with Surbiton High Street or the surrounding area at all !!

The proposal is for 58 flats, 14 social flats, 3 housing units, 7 live/work units, 1 restaurant, 1 shop, 1 drinks/food unit?, 2 business units with 65 space car park underneath !!

looking at the plans lodged with Kingston Council (see above link) the building looks like the old 60's style high rise flats that are in and around London.....absolutely hideous and lots are being pulled down !!

Why does Surbiton High Street need 70 odd flats built!!!

I appreciate that opposite Sainsbury's is an eyesore and has been for years but the proposed development is way over the top and will be even worse as this sort of building does not and will not fit in, think of Croyden (no offence intended)!!

I feel really sorry for the people who live in and around St Mary's as this building work is going to take a good part of year and the disruption to Surbiton high street will be immense and will affect everybody in and around it!

And all so a few hundred more people can live in Surbiton; this development does not bring any social benefits to the existing amenities!

So to cut a long story short, we are not going ahead with our business and we are looking else where!!

Take a look at the freely available plans submitted by the developer and see what you think, an eyesore in the making or a benefit to the future of Surbiton?

p.s if anyone knows of any office or d1 (medical) space in Surbiton (~1000 sq ft) then let me know


Thank you Ionkontrol for actually bothering to read, look and understand my post, it seems that a lot of people only have a strong opinions about race, crime and the YMCA on this forum.

I was actually wrong about the 'full' planning permission being granted, as they are currently trying to make the site yet larger and have put in permission to build on council 'protected' land, and as such haven’ been given approval yet.......

I assume once the 'holiday' package, set of golf clubs and gold watch are sufficient then this will be fully approved.

Does anyone on this forum live in either St Mary’s road or Cottage Grove??? Do you know that you will have heavy dirt filled lorries and god knows what else thundering up and down your roads for at least a year!!

I still reckon it's not to late for local residents to voice their opinion about this hideous development, not sure what it will achieve, but you never know.


There is 1400sq ft d1 space in the Surbiton plaza!

Don't suppose you fancy that, though? ;-)


I had not spotted this post originally. I wonder if the developers would have gone ahead with this if they realised how difficult it would be to sell or let these units now?

I do agree with the original poster on the design - it is not nice and does not fit in with the rest of Surbiton town centre. However, it has smartened up an area of the town that had been left dilapidated for many years, so perhaps on ill-fitting development is better than no development at all.

That looks hideous. :twisted:

I suppose there is sod all that can be done now that planning permission has been granted. Councillors with 'mates' in construction firms.........hmmmmm

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