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14 years ago...

Would it be a good idea to disallow anonymous postings on this forum?
I don't mean that the posters real name etc be available to all viewers, just that when somebody posts they have to have logged in under their own id and not be anonymous.
This would allow the administrators to block those that post aggressive missives more easily, and allow users to follow a specific posters train of thought more easily.

It might even encourage a few lurkers to step out of the background and contribute :-)

Just a suggestion.

Is this possible?


Other forums I post on for my other interests require that you register before you can post, which to me makes sense, as they can then ban spammers & idiots that ruin the whole point of a forum. Some forums can even ban by ip address, basically if they register in a different name from the same computer then the mod/admin team can cross reference and ban any users from that pc/ip address.

Ok my view as a regular anonymous poster

Ok the first and obvious one is “because I can”. With the exception of a time delay on the post ‘hitting’ the thread (as requires to assess) there are no other disadvantage to an anonymous poster. Now then, as a ‘named’ a/c there is a distinct disadvantage in that the poster can be assessed (banned, filtered) but can still post with the named a/c but simply has reduced to the same rights as anonymous poster

So I have been an anonymous poster virtually since ‘day one’ and can continue to post as long as my posts are ‘expectable’ to, if I create an a/c, I can get blocked

If forces me to create an a/c, I would, but it doesn’t

It’s a ‘no brainer’, why create an account ?

I hear what you say, and agree. If you can, why not post anon?

However, my train of thought (which i probably didn't express very well...sorry) is that this means all anon postings are clubbed together.
Readers cannot follow a line of argument from a single poster if they are anon.
Perhaps this allows some contributers (not neccessarily the anons, btw) room to abuse others more.

see the grief i get from some ;-)

I did not mean any disrespect to you in any way. Fair play for posting, and keep it up, we need reasoned debate on this forum !

OK setanta, , you want a debate, you got it mate

You alone have recently been targeted and 'slagged off' by the named 'village idiots', whilst being praised at the same time by the 'anons', myself being one, so there you go, in that respect, you are right, which anon praised your posts yesterday/today, yep anon [me] but who is anon is [me]?

Again to reiterate, If a a/c is free, no fake hotmail a/c required to create it, why bother and why subject myself to all the 'village idiots' here, named or anons

How many times have you yourself seen on bb's, like this one, abuse such as.. muppet, f*gg*t, your mums a {xxxx} or your alias sounds like you are {xxxx}, with anon its .......... WHOOOOOOSH!

I've seen over the past 5 years or so on here many changes in alias names, it would be great to chat with regular Surbitonians, even to the extent of meet ups etc at the ‘y’

The YMCA has, (sometimes) been targeted by posters wanting to voice aggression with regards to immigration and quote "the scum of the earth". Why would I want to register and contribute to this when I can simply log on as anon and quickly reply, job done!

On another note, many newspaper article are researched by the likes of the Surrey Comet, Informer and the Guardian from this site so its important to keep it professional, clean, friendly and with the community spirit that Surbiton does have, so lets respectfully exploit this site and show how great a community we are, or can be, after all it our town, it’s our properties we need to resell, it’s our local jobs and local businesses that we need retain

My final comment goes to the webmaster here for his/her endurance and patients in trying to keep this site moving forward, constantly monitoring and filtering, (s)he must be either a saint or getting a good income from ‘whoever’, my only criticism is that the support appears to be part-time so indeed they need ‘moderators’ to stop the constant flow of unwanted posts

OK if it comes to a vote, disable anonymous posting, I’ll still be around !

Lord Lucan, Surbiton (aka anonymous)

SAPPHIRE8 LIKES THIS, oops sorry didn't mean to shout, I am only a 3 year old child and I get a little exicted from time to time.

Excellent, coherent and logical argument lord lucan.
Lord Lucan.

I totally agree with you, and understand why you would stay anon.

I do appreciate the support i have got from the anon posters, and don't wish to alienate anyone.
However, paranoia stalks, and some other posters have intimated that i post anonymously as well as under other pseudonyms.

But at least i now have a 'tag' to follow you with and perhaps understand your postings better.

LOVE the pseudonym btw, wish I had thought of it (damn!) ;-)

Look, it is pretty easy to distinguish a genuine Anon from one who answers on the behalf of a named poster, or a named poster who hides behind an Anon because they think it looks like everyone elsse agrees with their mis-guided opinions, the same goes for those posters who have 3 or 4 different names but are really one and the same person, little signs, giveaways like consistent grammatical errors from allegdedly different posters, repetition of abusive comments etc, it comes down to writing style, ego and a humans nature to take something personally. You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to see who has a genuine well balanced opinion and those who are basically malevonent and embittered beings with nothing better to do.
Then of course one can always check the users IP adress.
It is always fun to stamp around and see whos' feet you tread on though.
Me personally, I haven't got anything to hide and certainly have nothing to be ashamed of. By giving myself an identity such as SAPPHIRE8, I am kind enough to allow those with venom to spit an outlet for their pent up aggression and bigotry. Just doing my bit for the community.
Better Out than In as my Old Gran used to say.

I've seen so many 'anonymous' postings over the years. I expect one of them is the real signed in anonymous, whilst the others...well who knows. I can remember only one time when two public meetings where called over an issue raised here on, and where were the contributors? I for my sins spoke up, and then was criticised by those who said they were there but kept their silence. They had the chance to speak before the police, councillors and MP, but chose not to do so. I believe that was because they chose to remain behind their 'anonymous' cover. Believe me unless you stand up, voice your opinion before a meeting, then you will be ignored. this happened when the forum was mentioned at a neighbourhood meeting. Nobody was there except myself and believe me that can be a lonely position. Other views should have been heard but were not!

Many have criticised Sapphire8 for their views, but they made me think and look things up. Others say the local press read the threads, which is true and they contribute as well. Councillors also read them and I know for a fact that one refered to me as "a problem." I want everyone on to be a "problem" as regards raising issues. Setanta and Sapphire8 have been on opposing sides, but one day they might unite on an issue of local importance.

Being 'anonymous' serves a purpose at times and I would not want them banned, but it can be abused and needs to be watched by

Just created LORD LUC4N (had to use the 4) created, let's see what happens aye setanta, bring it on, I'm up for it (again)



Welcome on board. Nice to have someone signed up who has the ability to produce cogent posts.


Fag an Bealach


To all those that do post anonymously,
I understand your reasons for posting anonymously and respect them.

Some very paranoid people seem to think you are me ;-)
I hope that you do sign up (just keep your real name secret and choose a cool pseudonym)


Get a life Heraclius.

Very cool pseudonym, Haven't seen the postings though?

setanta, keep up the informed and sometimes humorous posts

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