Nunn's Bicycle shop/Garage

2 years ago...

Could anyone help me please. I would be interested to know if anyone remembers a shop in Brighton Road called Nunn's, a bicycle shop and garage? Or know someone who perhaps worked there?
I believe there was a petrol pump outside the shop? Does anyone have any photographs of the shop at all or on that shows it in the background please?



My name is Tim and I lived in Surbiton in the 50 & 60's. My bike parts came from there and my Bond Minicar was Mot'd there. I recall it being driven out of the workshop with a Tapley meter on board to test the retardation. It passed!

Hi my name is james nunn I'm live in chard if the shop is 117 118 brighton rd it was our family buisness my dad was last to run it

My name is Stuart Wills and my father was a friend of Charles Nunn.
I worked at the shop on Saturdays from approx. 1967 to 1973. I also used to delivery bikes that had been bought as Christmas presents.
I knew David Nunn and his cousin whose father was Vic Nunn
Please contact me if wish to on

Thanks very much for the pictures! I own the old petrol pump and currently restoring it. Would love to see pictures showing it if anyone has any

Hi, I have a couple of photos of Nunn and Sons' Cycle and Motor Works when it was on Portsmouth Road, Thames Ditton (where the fish and chip shop is now). Links:

Yes I remember it well because in 1959 I was bought a new Raleigh bicycle after my 11+. I recall the bike was red and white with a white saddle bag which I was embarrassed about. My father knew the shop owners, two brothers, one was more approachable than the other. The premises were large with the showroom to the right of the building; and yes, there was a petrol pump outside, National Benzole. Next to the petrol was concrete driveway ( about 50yds) which led to double wooden doors and a large push bike parking area. Bikes on the right were waiting repairs, usually punctures at a cost of 2/6 and the those on the left were completed repairs. Behind the parking was another door which led into the workshop. I recall it smelling of oil and rubber solution. I used Nunn's for several years. When I got a motorcycle I used to take the fouled up spark plugs to Nunn's for cleaning which was simply sandblasting using a Champion Plug Cleaning machine.....cost a tanner...(6d pence). Nunn's closed in the 1970's. Sadly no pics just vivid memories!


That was my family buisness my dad was last to run it

Hi lloyd nunn here :) Im sure you may of seen my brothers post somwhere up top,my dad owned the business after my granddad and great grandad ran it previously we had many happy memories though we were very young then.i have some of the old deeds to the business and will dig them out and see if there are any pics,I remember the pump being in a bad way back then so to see it restored again will be fantastic and somthing our family will be proud of.good luck :)

117 Brighton Road is now The Museum of Futures - a Community space from which, amongst other things we are running a project tracing the history of Cycling in the Royal Borough and particularly Surbiton.
Nunns was part of my childhood and it would be great to get in touch with James and Lloyd and get their memories of the family and the shop included in the project. We would particularly like to know how the shop was laid ou and what it looked like so that we can reconstruct it with a degree of authenticity.
If either or both of you could get in touch, that would be wonderful - Thank You Keith McMahon

Thank you for the replies, great to hear from family of the shop owners.
The pump is now owned by a friend and restorer but if I can get it back one day I would as regret selling it. It's in good hands either way though and I will try and get some pictures of it restored. It has a rare upper cylinder lubricant dispenser on the side of t too which appears to have always been on there.

Thank you my name is james nunn me and my brother were next in line to take over I am 32 now l├Ądt time I saw the shop was 1988 unfortunately Halford opened down the rd and no one wanted custom bikes anymore funny how it's changed now people want them again

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