Another train + human at the station ...

15 years ago...

Lots of commotion at the train station currently, walking up it's already in my head that a train has hit another person. (Confirmed - reasons unknown as to why it's happened).

However, not a really a good idea to rubber neck whilst crossing the bridge. Trains do a lot of damage. :(

My thoughts are currently with the driver of the train, that's got to be quite a difficult experience.


Whilst coming into Surbiton recently on the Hampton Court service, I looked out of the window and saw two hoodies riding their bikes down the tracks towards Berrylands. My heart almost jumped into my mouth. I totally agree with the person who wrote that people who wander onto the tracks at Surbiton are drunk or suicidal but there are the odd one or in this cast two, who think they are totally invincible and nothing can hurt them. These two boys thought they were being so cocky big and clever by riding their bikes down the track and although on this particular occasion there was no train, they didn't stop to think that if they'd have slipped and fallen onto that live rail, well, most of us know eh? It's all over!

People that cross the tracks at Surbiton are sooooooooo stupid. Do they not realise the speed those trains are actually travelling!! Seeing a train in the distance they may persume there's time to get across to the other side but in reality.... Even when the driver slams on the emergency brakes something that big and travelling that fast, eighty miles an hour I've heard, well....!!

People that do this are generally not being stupid, they are doing it either because they are drunk or because they want to be killed.

There is no other possible reason to cross the tracks at Surbiton - that is what the bridge at the end of the platforms is for. If there is anyone who is actually stupid enough to try to cross the tracks to save a couple of seconds then they are unlikely to live for long anyway.


Not overly surprised that "it is expected to take several days to identify". Am guessing that the dental records won't be much use from what I saw ...

It does seem to be getting more and more common. There was another fatality at Woking last Thursday as well, and one at Wimbledon a couple of weeks ago.

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