anyone recommend a good cleaner?

12 years ago...

Have to bite the bullet and get a cleaner.... any recommendations?




Contact for a first class cleaning service!

I use to find my cleaners. I use a husband and wife team and you can call them on 07902482085

Anyone know a good domestic cleaner in the tolworth area?

I use Cinderella cleaning about one year - very happy with them! If anyone interested their number is 07578 798422

I can recommend this company for Cleaning in Surbiton. I have used them many times and I am happy with the service. I usually contact them through the site to get a discount.

I use a great cleaning company. Theyre called instacleaners, all of their cleaners are british and work was to a high standard their number is 0203 086 7191

I was very pleased with this guys here - They arrived on time, worked quickly and delivered good results - all that for a great price.

Yes, roll your sleeves up, fill a bucket with warm soapy water, insert cloth in said water, remove and apply to grime

You mustn't forget to squeeze out the excess water from the cloth first, could get messy otherwise!

I have a property in Surbiton and recently used these guys for a pre-occupancy clean, I was very impressed with the quality of the cleaning and the price. The cleaners were well equipped, smart and friendly, they blitz cleaned the entire house from top to bottom in just 4 hours. I would definitely recommend them if you're looking for a reliable cleaner.

Annie Hudson

do you have their number, or can you ask him to call me on 07503927070

I can highly recommend Sisi Cleaning. Been doing our house for 18 months. Great service, great value.

I have a cleaner that lives in Surbiton (I live in Kingston) and she is the best cleaner ever!! When I come home after she has been, it is like a makeover magic, everything is spotless and clean. She does inside my oven and windows as well - she is great.
Her name is Ana Lucia, she is Brazilian and what she lacks on commandment of English she compensates with her house cleaning and organising skills - 07821683248

D&I cleaners, cheap & good!

If you're still looking, I'm up for it!

We've a list of local cleaners here:

Please feel free to leave your comments and ratings.

I don't know if they're any good or not but I see their van around Surbiton often and their name makes me laff - Primal Clean.

I've used Primal Clean and found them to be cheapest of all the quotes I got when I left my flat. Good too!

Try Maison Maids. I've used them for the last few years and they have been pretty good. They are based in Thames Ditton.

local slovakian girl
living and cleaning 5+ years in this area.


Any more recommendations appreciated!


Why don't you try Domestic Cleaning London. They have cleaners living in Surbiton.

Hi there, just read the topic. I'm very happy with my cleaner, she lives in Surbiton, very friendly, reliable. Her phone is : 0757 87 98 422

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