Anyone remember Pictorial Publicity

16 years ago...

from Ewell road in the 1960's? I am conducting some research into the owner of the company a Mr Frank Woods and need any further information please.


I got my first job there as a junior graphic designer from 1967-1969, but couldn’t tell you anything much about Frank Woods, the boss. I am visiting Surbiton for the first time in many years, and, passing my old workplace (which is looking very run down and currently has a planning application notice outside the building) old memories came back, especially of workmates Glyn (my immediate boss), Steve and John. I wonder where they are now? Sorry I can’t help with info on Frank, if you’re still searching after thirteen years!

Did you ever find out find out much about Frank Woods and Pictorial Publicity? I think Frank (known to my family as Frankie) was the son my great Uncle Frank Woods, photographer of Epsom.

Just seen your posting and this has to be 'my' Frank Woods. He was born on 28 December 1915, his father was Frank Woods who was a photographer with a shop in Dorking, I think. His mother was Martha Steer. Sadly he died on 15th November 2000. We have a son 'Charles' named after an uncle of Frank's who, I am told was the black sheep of the family. Charlie was born in 1989 (when his father was 72). I have been trying to piece together details of Frank's family and I suddenly remembered the Pictorial Publicity link and tapped it in as a search. I would love to learn more about the family. Hope to hear from you. Marion Woods

,i worked for frank from 1957 to 1972 . Please contact me and i can help.

Sorry I have only just reconnected with this chat. My interest is that I own a silver blue 1962 E type Jaguar that he purchased new from Coombe Bridge Garage in South Wimbledon. The Holy Grail for me as a car collector is to find out any anecdotes and photos of his ownership. I am only the third owner. I can be contacted at thank you for the reply

Hoping to hear from Wood Family relatives. Trying to find out if his photography business records have been deposited at archives

I now own the blue 1962 Eype Jaguar that was owned by Frank Woods of Ewell Road, Surbiton. If anyone has photos please share them . Frank wrote the definitive work on the famous Cooper Racing Cars, "The Golden Years". Cooper Racing Cars were also based on the Ewell road, just up the road from Frank's studio. I am desperate to trace any history on my car, and of Frank Woods, it's first owner.n
Please email me at

I remember my dad used to subscribe to a magazine called Pictorial Pubisity. It used to arrive in a brown paper envelope.

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