Background Information...shh!

15 years ago...


I'm just being curious with this...but since we are developing a nice little "online" community here, what are backgrounds of everyone? What jobs do y'all do?

Nothing too detailed mind; we all like our privacy ;) I'm just being nosey...



Graphic Designer, lived here for 9 years. Love it.

Leslie, do you phone Nick Abbot on LBC? I am sure I have heard you phone in.

Hi Ionkontrol, I listen to Nick Abbot but haven't spoken to him on-air. I did want to speak with him a few months ago regarding the Crown Estate and the rubbish he and others were saying about the Civil List. His 'crew' were OK to call me back but never did.....

You might have heard me with Nick Ferrari or James Max though...

I've heard you talking to the chubster Ferrari. My ears always winkle up when I hear someone calling from Surbiton. Not really sure why, I only know about 10 people here so it's unlikely to be an acquaintance. Anyway, it's good to put a virtual personality to a voice.

Hilarious that just changed my use of the word rick with a P infront into winkle. I promise you, my ears NEVER winkle up!

Fellow banker.... The situation is pretty grim, but as long as I can still afford my Surbiton mortgage I'll be happy enough! We're all looking over our shoulders though huh? The atmosphere in the square mile is horrible.
To be honest I'm much less stressed about it now that I escape a little bit every night, going back to a flat almost within sight of the office made it very hard to switch off.

I'm Surbiton born and bred. My family have lived here for generations. Welcome to my town.
I'm a self employed fitness instructor. Not politically active but can see how the Lib Dems have ruined Surbiton. Well Ed Davey MP is from Mansfield so I cant see how he could have any love for Surbiton!

Funny whats happening to you overpaid, arrogant bankers! Hahahhhahaaha!

I'm in banking as well, used to live in Islington but got tired of walking out my door into smashed bottles, stab victims and general filth everywhere.

I absolutely love it here and my commute is as quick as it was when I lived 3.5km from my office and wasted 30mins every morning watching buses sail past.

Where you working? Whats your take on the "situation" at the moment...another fellow banker!

I have lived in Surbiton since 1977.
Work as a golf greenkeeper.
Member of Liberal Democrats and stood in 2006 RBK election (unelected, 832 votes).
Like calling phone-in Talk radio shows under name ianofsurbiton.
Ordinary working man. No degrees, but have common sense and fair play.

I was born in smellylands, have lived in and around tolworth / surbiton / walton / glostershire but back to surby for last 4 yrs

work for the NHS as a psych nurse,

work in drug / alcohol detox / therapy in a totally different part of Surrey

I do freelance motion graphic design for TV, moved to the Surb 9 years ago to study at Kingston Uni, moved into London for 3 years after I graduated, moved back again to move in with my girlfriend (now wife!)

I love it, it's great to get out of London every night, and I've never lived anywhere where the commute is quicker. There's some decent pubs (mainly the Lamb and the Vic) and Kingston is on you doorstep.

I'm a photographer....... and percussionist..... general noisy sod..... :)

oh and i do IT stuff but only when needed, like when having to pay the mortgage, bills mundane grown up stuff like that.... !!

oh forgot to add i went to Hollyfield School and left in 1987, lived in Victoria Avenue among other places but now live in Thames Ditton.... so i'm kinda loitering but I'm a suburbiton person at heart... :)

Fair enough - I'm a banker out in Canary Wharf. Worked here for coming on 3 years now, and moved to Surbiton a couple of months ago.

For the record, I love living here!


How about you lead by example Cal? Not sure you'll get too many replies without casting the first stone :)

OK, although I don't post too much here I'll start... I've lived in Surby a few years, was in Wimbledon before that. I work in the technology sector.


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