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Beggar near HSBC

7 years ago...

Please don't give any money to the beggar with dogs near HSBC (close to the Surbiton station). It might feel like a right thing to do, but it isn't. You're just supporting his lifestyle and the congestion and danger that he creates.


According to the Kingston Police Twiiter feed:
@MPSKingston: Chris Turner, 51 of King Charles Rd #Surbiton convicted of begging & fraud. Regularly begs with signs saying he's 'homeless' when he's not!
@MPSKingston: @MPSKingston - guy with a dog. Often sits outside HSBC in Surbiton. No pic available to release at this time.

He is back again in his usual spot. HSBC should stick a copy of the Surrey Comet story in the window behind where he sits.

Surely, the police are a bit embarrassed about this? After leaving it so long to finally get a conviction, he is now back in the same prominent position only a few months later. I think the key difference now is that he is not flaunting the sign saying he is homeless, so there is probably nothing they can actually charge him with other than loitering.

As has been said before, it is the idiots giving him the money that are equally to blame, but there must be some way of getting rid of him.

You really have to admire his cheek!
Even the dog looks embarassed to be there now.

You do have to admire the cheek, but I suppose the way he sees it is 'why not?'

It took literally years for him to be stopped from doing it the first time, and when it eventually did happen he was given a tiny fine that must have represented a very small percentage of the amount he had collected.

If the Surbiton public are stupid enough to still give him money and the law are powerless to stop him doing it, then what is there to make him stop?

It must be embarrassing for the authorities. This made the national press last year and he is already back at it.

Excellent news. This sort of idiot really undermines the plight of the poor people that really need to beg to get the basics.

This man needs a smack.

Agreed. This guy has a flat in Surb and is definitely not homeless! A lady I know offered to re-home the dog but he refused as uses it to beg. I saw him being not very nice to it once by Macdonalds in Kingston as he strolled in.. def has money. Feel sorry for the dog, she needs a decent home!.

Yep, the most hilarious incident I have seen was when he was having an argument with what appeared to be a girlfriened when he said "You can stop complaining, I am the one who has to go out to work all day'!

So, he actually considers sitting outside HSBC doing nothing (apart from the occasional breaks to stand up to p*ss against the wall) to be work!

IT is a digraceful way to make a living, but I still maintain the gullible people who give him money are just as much to blame as the beggar himself. You'd have hoped the average Surbiton-ite would have been a bit brighter!

This guy has a flat on Maple Road, no less. He probably makes more money than some of the idiots who donate to him, but that doesn't stop them doing it.

It never fails to surprise me how many people give money to people like this, even though it is well known that most of them are not genuine.

The dog is invariably a prop for all these street beggars and should be seen as such and handing over any monies is quite wrong and merely sustains a life style chosen by the individual,many of whom have a home near their pitch and a change of clothes etc so that "off duty" they are not recognised.

He sometimes goes away from his berth at Surbiton HBSC and parks himself in Clarence Street Kingston for a spell.

I never give money to beggars. But if they have dogs, I would rather buy some sachets of Dog Food and give him that - unless he has a can opener !

Giving him any kind of food is almost the same as giving money - this supports him and his lifestyle

I must also say that the comment that he needs a smack is highly unhelpful and what kind of person does that make you. Conflict breeds conflict.

Agreed. I don't think we should be smacking anyone but if we do it should be the idiots who are encouraging him by giving him money. He'd soon go away if his takings went down by 50%

if this is the same man I am thinking of then he lost his dog I think. Is it the dog with the red collar? I think I heard him say he lost it, in surbiton, then the next day he was talking to a pcso asking him to report the dog missing.

He may have lost it for a while, but it was there with him outside HSBC last night at about 9pm (he must have been working overtime)

For anyone interested, he's back. I had to step around him and his dog a few nights ago.

He seems to be there permanently again now.

He's quite dedicated to his job though, since I saw him there on Saturday morning suggesting he works longer hours than many of us!

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