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Beggar's dog is a concern

4 years ago...

This beggar is still outside the bank in Surbiton , see link below, but I am more concerned for his dog, greyhound type. It can hardly walk, no lead, head down, tail between legs, trying to lick, has no water. Can nothing be done?


This dog has apparently now been stolen in Kingston.

I am not totally sure that is the correct way to deal with it, but hopefully she will be better cared for than with her owner.

The not homeless owner died last week

I hope the dog is in kind hands now. She deserves to be.

Unfortunately, it appears the dog died about a week before the owner. Sad. It was in an unrelated incident, the owner himself died of a drug overdose at home.

His overdose funded no doubt by all those stupid people who hand money over to street beggars.

Spot on Poppy! The only way for drug users to have a chance of change is by self motivation to go to a proper help agency. These help charities need the donations not the beggars and tramps.
It's the same with the 'dole' 'jobseekers allowance' or whatever it is called now. A great number of long term unemployed do not spend the money on their families or improving themselves so they may get a job. They go straight in the bookies, pub or call their dealer.
It is a no brainer that we should adopt the scheme where instead of a 'Giro', cash or however they get the handout, they get a credit card which is accepted by all major supermarkets for food and household items only.
This could be easily operated by the EPOS (electric point of sale) systems that have been in use for years. It would drastically cut the benefits burden and get the money to where it is intended.
The opposition - Derek Hatton and other lefties who argue that it diminishes a mans pride to not have money in his pocket.
Just do it Teressa!

I agree it is awful to see, but the law is powerless to remove the beggar himself, so I think it would be very difficult to do anything about the dog.

I expect he would be very protective of the dog, mainly because it is a key tool of his 'trade', and unfortunately the worse state the dog gets in, the more it probably benefits him.

I must admit, the thought has crossed my mind just to take the dog and get it sorted out at a local vet/PDSA, but I would have thought the law would then step in fairly quickly to protect the beggar.

As I have said many times on this site, the ONLY way to stop this happening is to stop giving money to beggars...

Do not give him anything nor the dog. There's piles of you know what up the high street the next morning. A true beggar is not normally eighteen stone and the dog hardly needs feeding. In fact he's as bored of it as we all are. Just grit your teeth and ignore the beggars. Do NOT offer anything. These people are relying on the naievity of others. And you are just make the situation worse. If you have guilt issues in your life, give money to the local hospital. Stop giving money of food or fags or a kindly word or anything to these people.

Don't blame the dog, poor thing, laying out in all weathers. Its not his fault.

Yes he is still there, outside the bank on the corner. At least he puts a blanket over the dog. I saw someone give him a tin of dog food, good idea, he emptied it on the pavement for the dog, better than money for booze or drugs for the beggar.

When we had a bit of a begger problem in Surbiton in the Summer I started to feel a little concerned as I no longer felt comfortable walking down Victoria Road. Do you remember, they were everywhere and some were sleeping in Barclays Bank doorway. So I contacted our MP. Not only did I get a nice letter back from him I also received a letter from the local Chief Constable. The beggars were then dealt with.

Write to James Berry, he does get things done.

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