bin collection

14 years ago...

Our street is a sight after collection of refuse on bin days, since the new recycling system was introduced in kingston.
Paper and plastic floating about all over.

Whats your experience?

Is there a better way?

Are we likely to get a better system?

Fag an bealach, boys!


We have had to call the council refuse department to either report non-collection or a complete mess left on our street following collections. A vehicle was sent out to remedy the situation, but surely it would be better (and more cost effective) if the collection was done properly in the first place!?

Our neighbour's recycling wasn't collected a couple of weeks ago (despite being placed in a really obvious and accessible position) a couple of days later a worker came to collect and proceeding to throw the food waste in with the recycling and the whole lot was taken away mixed together, thus negating the effort to recycle.

Loads of times previously, my recycling bins were not emptied.
Over the last couple of weeks, our recycling bins have been stolen.
Phoned council up and was told it would be 4 weeks before they could replace them.


Went to Villiers Road the other day to dump some rubbish and noticed in the yard just before the dump entrance, was stacked 20 high.... loads of new recycling bins.
I asked the guy at the gate if I could take one of each size, to replace what was stolen from my house, I was toldl "No".

4 weeks for 1 department to talk to another to arrange delivery of these items.
I truely despair with the council.

My only beef with the system is that they only seem to pick up my recycling when they feel like it. Twice in the last month it hasn't been collected :(

The problem is that they have devised a scheme which too difficult to follow for both householders and contractors. On my road, there are several different schemes in place at once, which makes it difficult for the contractors to keep up.

The new garden waste scheme is a particular problem as the council have used non-descript bags and the contractors constantly have to check lists of which households are members of the scheme! It is one thing expecting contractors to take a bit of pride in their work, but it certainly doesn't help if they are spending most of the time in the cab checking lists rather than picking the bags off the streets!

Taking pride in one's work appears to be a dying trait. However, I'm not sure that cutting pay is the answer! It wouldn't motivate me; would it you?

The answer is to complain, in writing, to the council. They're the ones responsible for employing the subcontractors.

I think it's worth bearing in mind that it's a new service, recycling a much wider range of materials, and I suspect a lot of stuff in the street is as a result of residents not securing the contents of their boxes, rather than the refuse collectors being slapdash.

Same here - place is a mess and seeing the guys working it's not a surprise. Not sure what the answer is apart from hiring people who take pride in what they do or cutting their pay for not doing a good job.

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