Breast Feeding in Ex Cellar

11 years ago...

i walked past Ex Cellar in Surbiton this morning and a mother was breast feeding her baby - in the window for all to see. Comments?


I have no issue with it. The way I see it is that society has developed a double standard when it comes to breasts and breastfeeding. Everyone would love to see and stare at women with their breasts half out in low cut tops and dresses but want to all get on their moral "high horse" on something natural and has to be done.. Come on guys.. What's worse is that you have women with the same mentality?? Like if you choose not to have kids fair enough but don't try and dehumanize a human act by labeling it disgusting. Grown up people. Your mother probably whipped out her breast to feed your discriminizing ass. Forget whether you think it's appropriate or not.. Keep your mouth shut, get and move if it's bothering you so much. Don't make their life any harder than it is. I've seen so many arguments involving people with their invalid reasons. One day I hope a breastfeeding mother loses it with one of them and rips them a new asshole

When breastfeeding a child it's important to feed when the baby is hungry otherwise your supply reduces and needless to say the baby becomes distraught as they burn up calories very fast but can hold only small amounts of food in the tiny tummies. Because of the pressures of society I would hold back from feeding my child in public and would try to find shops with feeding rooms. This delayed the feeding time and led to my milk supply being not enough and I had to supplement with cows milk! My daughter was colicky and always wanted to be held which in turn led to depression for me as I could not get ready to get out of the house. Years later after pursuing answers for other issues we discovered that she is cows milk intolerant! Breastfeeding babies is the only real food for them and we should really only look at fake milk if the mother is unable to produce her own. It also causes a kind of contraction which pulls the mothers womb back into shape. It is normal, natural and if grown ups think that their day shouldn't be spoilt by this sight then I would think them very selfish as to prefer a baby go hungry whilst the mother gets stressed about not being able to feed them. Really it's time society grew up!

This is getting all very silly on rare occasions an urgent breast feeding might be necessary but at least be discreet,what offends many quite normal folks is the obvious flaunting of the process which is really not needed,I have also witnessed a nappy being changed at the table around which the mummy and others were eating when it must be obvious to even the most blinkered earth mother that it is not acceptable behaviour.

How utterly ridiculous!!! seriously a mother feeding her baby is offensive - how childish, there's nothing more natural. it's not as if the mother was deliberately flashing her breast for all to see, moreover would you turn of the tv or throw away a newspaper if there was a boob showing!! for me the baby always comes first and breast feeding is on-demand you cannot tell the baby to wait until mum feels like it, I also agree that most breast feeding mums are discreet when breastfeeding i'm sure they do not appreciate members of the public watching them from a window! I would hazard a guess that the complaint is from a female walking along with her boyfriend/husband who noticed him glancing through the window!!! it does make me chuckle!

Lets ban women from going out side full stop!

If they persistently offend by openly breast feeding in public places then yes,an asbo or similar is a great idea.

If she really had her breast out then that's a bit in your face. But my experience with breast feeding mums is generally positive as they do not wish to expose themselves. Maybe she was exhausted after being up all night and just needed a coffee to get her through the day and forgot to cover up properly. Besides is seeing a bit of boob on display really the worst thing in the world?

As a professional woman who has just had a child I find this attitude towards breast feeding mothers out dated and out of touch. Women are no longer confined to there homes in a '1950 house wife' role and have earned the right to feed there children wherever and whenever they see fit with out being bullied into thinking breast feeding is wrong. Myself and the women I meet who use these coffee shops all breast feed, but always respect other people by being as modest as we can, usually by wearing a scarf or baby feeding poncho. I'm sorry if this still offends you but I'm sure the owner is glad of our repeat custom rather than a passer by. Unfortunately babies need to be fed, and I'm sure your mother would have liked to have been able to go out and feed you without prejudice!

What do you think breast are for... Also if it wasn't for all these 'yummy mummy's' a lot of these pubs and cafe would have gone out of business. Which other demographic is going to spend £50 plus on a week day morning? Maybe we should ban it so we can have a few more boarded up shops or charity shops. I would count your selves lucky to have affluent women spending there money in your high street employing local people. If you don't like it don't live in the 'suburbs' where people come to start families!

OK grammar first: 'yummy mummies'; cafe - plural 'cafes'; how do we know Ms Breast is paying out £50 plus on a weekday morning? Could be somewhere warm in this current climate, to get her boobs out in public. 'Yourselves' is one word; 'their' money not 'there' money. We don't wish to see their private parts on display in a shop window. Go home yummy mummies and do it elsewhere. Perhaps you are one of them?

you really fancy yourself, ridicule someone for not using grammar to perfection! get over yourself. Pathetic. I really hope if/when you have a baby you practice what you preach and stay locked up at home perhaps then you would realize it is essential that mums can go to these kind of places without being persecuted because their baby is hungry - perhaps you would prefer the child goes without food and screams the entire time instead!

You must have been a breast fed baby as you are soooo smart. Hope you appreciate this gift she gave to you as she obviously would never have left the house to feed you. Lucky her!

This is the refined Surbiton version of "[filtered word]",will not be long before crowds of "men-in-macs" start to gather.

Maybe she is a supplier for some of their cheeses.

Ha Ha nice one Ionkontrol, love it. What a thought.

Good that you were walking *past*, not *in* - just keep walking *past* this place, never *in*

I should add that I have seen this going on in Gordon Bennett as well.

That place used to be a child-free zone. If someone with a pushchair tried to come in, the owner would rush over and politely tell them that children were not welcome.

Of course, now that the owner has kids himself, the place has turned into a creche just like most of the other pubs in Surbiton.

Typical parental attitude these days, the woman has bred and wants everyone to know about it. Exactly the same type who push non-breeders out of the way with their pushchairs and queue-jump just on the basis they have kids so are automatically more important than anyone else.

Similar to cycling, breeding is actively encouraged by government policy hence their feeling of superiority of the people that do it.

I agree ! It's only been open around a year but looks like it needs a complete clean and overhaul. Strange old fashioned decor ! I read somewhere that it had gone into bankruptcy, but still open, full of yummie mummies with enormous buggies all the time.

It has a bit of a history of bankruptcy! The original Oddbins chain went a few years ago and the management bought the best stores from the chain including the one on Surbiton station and opened them up as Ex-Cellar.

That chain then went into administration as well, but there must have been another buy out as they bought the store on the corner of Victoria Road and traded out of both for a while before giving up the station site to Sainsbury's.

I have only been in there once and I quite liked what they are doing with the mix of deli/off-licence/cafe, but I won't go in again if it is attracting middle class mums with ill-disciplined kids all of the time.

Woodstock Lane, Squires Garden Centres has a coffee shop there -- another place full of mums with buggies. Steer clear ! Too much screaming and crying for me and dribbling breastfeeding mums ugh. Is nothing sacred any more?

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