Bridge closure...

11 years ago...

Hi everyone!

Does anybody know when the Brighton Road bridge will re-open to traffic? :)


Hopefully by christmas.

Originally it was supposed to be the start of May, but latest I heard was it is delayed to the 18th.

It is a bit of a dsigrace really, the brudge iteself is replaced in one weekend and then gas works keep the road closed for months!

Today, the 11th according the sign on Upper Brighton Road. (Cant see it myself).
It's been a nightmare getting though or past Surbiton since this was closed.

Now delayed until 25th due to 'excessive rain, too much concrete and incorrect drawings'. More likely to be the fact there is never anyone working on it!

25th is a mere two days away. Fingers crossed! Although perhaps now there is too much sun to complete the works - all the workers down their local beer garden. :)

I've enjoyed the road closure. It's been so much quieter without all the cars, buses and HGVs thundering down the road. There should be a speed camera there, people hurtle down that hill at ridiculous speeds. I've lost count of the amount of times a car has been going so fast it's been unable to stop in time for the zebra crossing near Walpole Rd. Close the road for good, I say #selfish #pipedream

It's been awful. I live in Ewell Road so have had all of your buses diverted past my house instead! :P

Well it's annoying!

The road/rail infrastructure damage due to the Tokyo tsunami was repaired in 6 months; this bridge/road replacement has taken 2 months, no wonder 'we' are the laughing stock of the world, these 'workers' are lazy, useless in every respect

Do not hold your breath,the King Charles Road bridge is next in line for "refreshing"

6pm tonight folks, might have a celebratory drink outside the Saucy if it is finished............ won't hold my breath.

While it'll be nice to have the bridge open again, surely you want to enjoy this delightful weather outside the Saucy with the road closed one last time. So peaceful!

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