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car vandalism- Effingham Road

10 years ago...

Evening everyone,

Is any one else have problems with car vandalism?

We moved to Effingham Road 3 months ago and in the last month we have had our cars keyed four times and I had a wing mirror ripped off my car.

It's not just us either, a couple of weekends ago I counted eight cars at the other end of the road that had had their mirrors messed with.

Is this a coomon problem in the area?


I don't think that it is particularly common, but Kingston and Surbiton do have a large number of university students who seem to be involved with most of these incidents.

Then again, Effingham Road is not on the route back from the town centre to many big student areas, and damaging cars by walking over them while drunk seems to be more their style than malicious keying which is more usually done by chavs.

I had my car attacked a few times in a different area, and it appeared to be because I kept it in immaculate condition. The vandals would ignore vastly more expensive (but dirty!) cars and would go for mine, probably because they knew I actually cared :(

Not a common problem,but not that unusual.

Our car was often damaged in the M&S car park at Tolworth,more by careless shoppers probably.
I have however noticed quite a number of cars in Berrylands that look as though someone has keyed them,maybe the same idiot who poured paint stripper on cars in Alexandra Avenue a while ago.

There seems to be a sub human,unemployable strata within our society that just has to vandalise and daub graffiti on peoples property.

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