Car wash

12 years ago...

Hi, can anyone recommend a cheap car wash in Surbiton, any car parks where they do hand washes etc? Thanks


As I change my car every 2 years I never have need to go to a car wash,other sisters tell me that Tesco do a great job and very quickly.

you dont wash your car in 2 years?!

I have never washed a car,it is always washed at the annual service and then I change it before the next one.

Are you selling your car any time soon Poppy?

Yes, I have negotiated a rolling replacement deal which guarantees (subject to damage) a price in advance for the new vehicle which must be the same as mine and allowing for the usual company upgrade or facelift.I must have it serviced at a main dealer and have a monthly maintenance reserve programme at minimal cost,this way I get a free VED once in 2 years and a credit for the unused reserve when the car is traded in.
The colour,style and fit of my new vehicle is agreed in advance and the car is ready in the showroom for me to collect after 2 years,a small price to pay for being stuck with the same brand but it works for me.

I took my car there and they damaged it and will not pay for the damage. I have been using this company since it was in Berrylands. Always thought they were honest and good. Now I beg to differ. David the owner told me that I brought it in at my on risk! He does not appear to realise that he is providing a service that customers are paying for. Now I am being forced to contact trading standards and go to the small courts. Not good for business David!

Hi there,
We had a similar experience at that car wash and have not been at all impressed with David's response to addressing the issue, would be very interesting to know how you got on with your claim, as any dialogue we have attempted with David has been unproductive to say the least. We would appreciate any info you are happy to discuss.

I would never use one off these places, or an automated car wash.
They drop their sponges on the floor, and pick it up, full of grit, and then they grind it into your paintwork. Nice.
If you value your paintwork, wash it yourself.

My wife took ours to the Portsmouth road one yesterday, they did a brilliant & thorough job, will be using them again & again (hopefully)

I went to the newish car wash on Portsmouth road and thought it was great. £6 for the basic wash, wax, wheels, windows and tyre polish all in about 10 minutes my car looked great. and they gave me a free air fresh too. I will go back and think its much better than having the site boarded up.

Agree, I had my very filthy car cleaned there at the weekend. Great job and exceptionaly quick and cheap!

Ground (top) level of the Kingston car park (nr Argos)

The Polish come running out for a Fiver

The guys at Homebase on Kingston Road do a good job. They've got a permanent set-up in the car park and they do various grades of cleaning from £5 up to £25. The £15 option is a good bet, all hoovered, polished etc.
I've been there 3 or 4 times, left them the keys and come back when I've finished shopping. They'll park up your car when they're done.

There's another one on the Portsmouth Road where the petrol station used to be but I haven't been there so can't vouch for the quality.

I found the one at Homebase very poor, ithe car was still smeary with dirty wheels when I got home. The one along Portsmouth Road is much much better.

round the back of nuttfield health club or cannons as I still call it

there is a car wash on portsmouth rd (near church) another on king Charles rd corner of berrylands rd

the car park behind mark one surbiton andvsaunsburys kingston both have hand car washes

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