Charisma Bypass Butcher in Waitrose Surbiton

11 years ago...

Has anyone else had the pleasure of being served by the charisma-bypass butcher in Waitrose Surbiton? My husband asked him to score the rind around the edge of a pork chop. Apparently, being a butcher, you would think he knew what my husband meant but he was greeted with the usual blank stare. So he wrapped up the pork chop and then out of curiousity my husband asked 'Why couldn't you score it?'. The reply was 'Once the meat has been cut, I can't hold it'. You couldn't make it up.


If unscored meat moved you to comment, i'm sure your own charisma levels are dangerously low.

Well, this is just blo**dy typical...
At the same SM I was at the cheese counter and I stepped not more than 1 step 'inside' the cheese counter 'boundary' to point out a cheese I was interested in, and I was almost shouted at by the assistant that 'customers are not permitted to cross past that (imaginery) line'.

Truely tho - you get better (non-rediculous) service and better quality by buying meat at a local butchers.

You are better off putting your money into a family-run business (like Jennings (Ewell Rd)), where *everything* is handled and you get that old fashioned service, like - "and how would you like that to be cut sir/madam?".

There'a also some great one's down Tooting Brodway market, if you find your way down there.

Don't but meat at Supermarkets!

The best pork chops around are from the butcher at Hinchley Wood, around the garden square. I can't believe Waitrose treat their customers in this fashion, although nothing really surprises me. A member of staff on the deli counter always looks as if she has been sucking lemons ...

Supermarket meat counters are not butchers shops,they do not receive carcasses and thus do not "butcher2 the meat themselves.The operatives are simply there to serve and no doubt the head of diversity inclusion or health and safety forbid the use of knives!


They are service meat counters, not butchers. Sometimes you can be lucky and get a retired butcher that will/ can do things for you, but it used to be the case that you weren't allowed to do anything other than remove it from the packaging and cut it, as that's all you are trained to do.

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