Claremont Rd 'dump'

10 years ago...

Do you think it will be ok for me to dump my bags of rubbish alongside the perennial pile that is ALWAYS outside Gardenia?
It'll save me a trip to the Villiers Rd. dump I guess!

If pavement boards have been decreed an eyesore/health & safety hazard, then surely bags of rubbish ought to fall within the council 'crack down' from a couple of years ago?


I go past at 7am every morning and the bags have been ravaged by foxes with mess all over the place. I doubt that Gardenia clears it up as they would stop leaving it out. Maybe the scrawny eyesore of a 'not homeless' tramp from HSBC corner pops round and does a clear up!

I do think that shop takes the mickey a bit. As well as the rubbish they seem to take up a ridiculous amount of the pavement when they are open during the day.

At Christmas, they have trees lining one side of the pavement and their normal display of plants on the other so people can only walk past single file which is hardly ideal on such a busy route.

I am surprised that Waitrose don't complain a bit more because there are often plants displays across a lot of their frontage.

Surely they need a licence to trade all over the pavement? Could be dangerous, Elf'n'Safety and all that. Perhaps Kingston Council should be informed? No licence, no mess?

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