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County Hall filming

9 years ago...

I pass County Hall in Kingston on my way to work every day.
Every couple of weeks, there is a film crew in the front car park (lighting crew, catering etc)
I have also spotted a vintage car there as well.

Can anyone shed any light on what they film there so regularly?
A costume drama perhaps?

And I sincerely hope that the funds received are plowed back into the council coffers.



Generally, its the old court that is a popular choice for film crews. Recently, Foyle's War has filmed there (hence the vintage cars) and the latest production was Lewis. The Bill has filmed there in the past, as has The Secret Life of A Call Girl. Its correct that Midsomer Murders also filmed parts of one episode there and the cell at the beginning of 102 Dalmatians was one in the courts. I believe the money is ploughed back into the council budget - most probably to help pay for the upkeep of the grade II listed building.

The outside of County Hall was featured in a Midsomer Murders repeat a couple of weeks ago, in the series it was the local Courthouse.

Golly gosh what next, "Carry on Spending".

I hear The Rose could do with a couple of hundred thousand interest free for a thousand years.

Since the Crown Court moved out they (Surrey County Council) have been renting it out for films and TV. One I recall from some years ago was 101 Dalmations. Then I think John Thaw filmed Kavanagh QC a number of times. Then there was 'Vera Drake' I don't know what's being filmed at the moment - I haven't asked them! I don't know whether the revenue is 'ploughed' back into the coffers. I rather hope that it is spent; distributed where it can be used instead of sitting in a bank in Iceland, Ireland......or anywhere.

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