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12 years ago...

I dont know if anyone can help,

but I'm interested in trying to sell some art work that I've been doing at my local adult ED course at the King Charles Centre

but I dont really know where to start -

does anyone know of any local craft / table top fairs ?

I can only seem to find car boot sales on the net, it seems like a hidden community


Just now I have became a member here and read your message...
The best one around here is "Teddington Landmark Art Centre Art Fairs".
They have 2 big Art Fair every year. Not in precisely Surbiton "local", but believe me, they are truly professionally run their events and very well attended.
For the booking you need to contact Art Centre first and put your name in their mailing list. Late of the year they send out information packs, once you get it, you can entry "phone in session" in the middle of Feb( on Sunday ). They do not do "selection" and you need to phone them on that day. It is like a lottery. Need to keep phoning sometime over 2 hours to reach a staff!! Very very popular show and high competition to get a stand. ...Stand fees are vary, start from around 200GBP (bigger stands are quite expensive ) for 2 and half days show. They just finished their Summer Fair, 2 weeks ago... Autumn Fair will be hold 17-19 Oct. Have a look first!!
Long time ahead... still best of luck !!

Unfortunatley not

I dont think it was the best of venues to start with, ? how much publicity it had had

A few people came but appeared to be window shoppers as many of the stall holders didnt sell anything

and I think this was due to lots of things
(age group of those that attended lots of 'my son / daughter would like' - current ecconomic's and people not having much 'spending' money was quoted a few times also)

I only sold 2 and one was at a very discounted rate to me mum :P

despite this I got lots of possitive feedback so didnt leave disheartend

I'm maybe thinking more Merton abbey mills, but am back at full time work (work weekends also) so this will have to be in a month or so time

am currently looking into doing a web site also - but difficult fitting the time in

but thanks for asking

Well done.... Did you have any luck?

I was at a cancelled Festival... :( so couldn't come and have a look....

Best of luck with it all


Well -

I've taken the plunge and booked a stall at a craft fair this Saturday

In Hook and Chessington library hall

so pop along guys if you fancy it :P

Cheers for your reply Sir_slippery

much appreciated !

I'm in the process of framing some work,

what I do is textured (paste / sand / paper etc) abstract / colours usually acrylic either on canvas (ready to hang 'box') or paper then framed
I usually like to work quite large but have been doing some smaller stuff (A1 - A5)

I'm working up the courage to sell, usually just giving stuff away (that people actually hang and give good feedback)
but as its purley a hobby its hard to know how to approach it,
and mainly it stays in a pile tucked away in the house but I'm begining to run out of space ;)

I'll try and get some photos done and I could send them on to you if you dont mind?

Hi Tank Girl

That would be great.... we have some large walls that could do with some interesting art on them.... I will check with my friend if she is actually interested, I do not see why not, as she already displays an artists work.

My e-mail address is [removed]* to send the pics too :)

Please feel free to send some samples... we can take it from there, I guess a picture will not give a true sense of scale, we can take it more when I see the pics...

cool I'm looking forward to seeing your work....



* Your email address has been removed to protect you from potential spam.

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Hi Tank Girl

What sort of art are you talking about?

Some local artists, crafts people show their work and sell it in shops, cafes pubs etc, you can display your work with a brief description and a price.

Either the place will charge you a small percentage fee or they are happy with having 'free' art to display.
My friend runs a Yoga and holistic center in Kingston and she sometimes displays artists artwork which is for sale. If you are unsuccessful in finding somewhere, you can send me some snaps of your artwork and I can see if it's something my friend may be interested in displaying.

I would be interested in seeing local artists work, so please keep us informed if you find somewhere...

good luck


just seen the surbiton arts group in the events list - will give them a ring :P

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