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Cycle hire for royal borough of kingston

8 years ago...

I think it would be great if the cycle hire would extend south west. I think it would be highly popular if it included the places surrounding Kingston, and would be great for tourism. It should include; Kingston, surbiton, ham, Hampton court, new Malden, Coombe, Raynes park, Wimbledon, Richmond, Richmond park, chessington, tolworth and Worcester park! Your thoughts? :-) it would also unclogg the crowded 71, 281 bus routes for people getting to surbiton station and Kingston, people could cycle!


It's so nice along the river around Kingston, Long Ditton, Surbiton - the Boris bikes would be great, and a great way to get home from Kingston in the evening!

Absolutely agree with this, and I think it has been mooted that the Boris bike scheme will extend down this way before long. It really is the ideal area to cycle in. Surbiton station is not much more than a mile to Kingston town centre - that is a bit of a short distance to get a bus, but a bit far to walk if you are in a hurry.

I have been a daily user of Boris bikes since they came out. It is the fastest way to get from the City to Waterloo and the cheapest as well. I am sure it would be popular in Surbiton.

Boris Johnson's inept management of the scheme means that it is costing an incredible £9000 per year to provide each bike.
At that sort of cost level, there's no way that they will be extended anywhere soon. Paris manages to run a similar scheme that pays for itself through advertising.

Boris claimed that he would think about introducing these bikes here, sometime towards the end of his next term (if he manages to dupe enough people again). He gave similar vague support four years ago to rezone Surbiton station to Zone 5. I think we can all safely dismiss this as pre-election waffle, designed to divert attention away from the fact that Boris has delivered nothing but inflation busting fare rises to Kingston and Surbiton over the last 4 years.

Do you have a link to the report that mentions the £9,000?

I had no idea it was that inefficient! The main problem that I have seen is that everyone wants to use the same route (e.g. from Waterloo to the City in the morning) meaning that the bikes have to be manually picked up in a van from the popular destinations and redelivered to the less popular ones.

This will always be a weakness of a scheme like this, but should be able to be managed relatively cheaply within central London.

I agree that this could be a deal breaker in an area like Surbiton, though. You'd imagine that most people would want to cycle from Surbiton station to Kingston town centre in the morning and back in the evening. This would involve a lot of manual distribution.

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