Cycle paths

4 years ago...

St marks hill cycle path actually looks pretty well turned out. Love to see more of them! Getting sick of endless car pollution


It looks like they have made a mess of this one again!

The pavement on the left hand side as you go up the hill has been made very wide, severely narrowing the road. The whole carriageway coming DOWN the hill is now marked as if it is a cycle lane, BUT cars and buses are coming down it as well!

The only way to improve it now is to make St Marks Hill one way to traffic, but I can't see they will do that as it would make buses do a massive detour to get to the town centre.

Am I missing something or is this another complete mess?

I haven't seen the St Mark's one yet. It sounds strange, though, to have something with cycle markings that is also supposed to be used by cars, buses etc. In my opinion, cars and bicycles don't mix and neither do bicycles and pedestrians. I walk and take buses around Surbiton and Kingston and while I would ideally like to see fewer motor vehicles on the roads, it is not realistic to expect a great reduction in the short term. There is one thing that could be done immediately to the benefit of air quality and people walking and that is for drivers to stop sitting in cars running their engines. That is worse than someone using their car to get from A to B, which at least has a purpose and a point to it.

So what we need now is another cycle path going down St Marks Hill. Then we're covered for going in both directions on a bike. I used to cycle around surbiton but the speeding and weight of traffic has put me off. Be great to get motorised traffic outf town, or very heavily reduced. In a hundred years time people will not believe we drove around burning oil in public, poisoning the air, polluting with noise and dividing the whole community with lumbering pieces of metal. Just look at the September festival with the high street blocked off and folks and children just stroll around freely without threat of being run over. I have to admit it makes me wonder about the alleged freedoms of driving. Especially in heavily urbanised areas.

When,I wonder,can we expect some cameras to be installed so that even more can be raised from motorists that may stray into the cycle lane.
It would also be useful to have a speed camera to capture the lycra louts going down the hill well in excess of 40/30/20 or whatever the speed limits are now in this madness to accelerate vehicle pollution and raise money for the council.

Just saw a lady motorist swerve COMPLETELY off the left lane going down st marks hill, into the OPPOSITE lane as she thought she was in a cycle lane. There's going to be tears before bedtime at this rate.

It is not a case of motorists 'straying' into the cycle lane, any motor traffic going down the hill HAS TO USE what is now designated as the cycle lane. It is totally bizarre and makes the road less safe for all road users than it was previously.

Yes those cycle symbols are bit "eh?"

Yes, it is just a very strange scheme altogether. Massive cycle symbols painted right across the road that cars and buses are clearly free to use. What is the point? It just makes it much more dangerous for everyone as it is unclear what is going on.

Should rake in loads of money to pay the CEOs pension contributions then,get that camera up and persecute the citizens who drive,double the fine for all Diesels,that should do it.

Is it connected to anything at either end?

The Portsmouth Road one is a bad joke. Once you pass Surbiton, the path becomes a shared one with pedestrians which isn't ideal, and then itdisappears altogether, meaning that cyclists bound for Thames Ditton seem to be encouraged to cross the Brighton Road junction diagonally.

It isn't much better approaching Kingston either.

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