Does the 01:05 train still run form Waterloo to Surbiton every night?

15 years ago...

The last few times that I have been to Waterloo late I have noticed that the last service to Surbiton at 01:05 has not appeared on the boards, even as cancelled.

I have checked the national rail website and it is still listed on there, but does it run consistently?

I don't use it much, but it is great to have it ocassionally when out with smug friends who live in London, and assume Surbiton is miles out in the sticks. I can normally get on the last tube with them and still get home at the same time or earlier. If the last train did not run, however, the taxi bill would definitely tell me just how far Surbiton is away from Waterloo!


It certainly still exists, as I got it this past Friday (24/10). A few of my friends who I was with at the time did say that they have been unable to get it a number of times recently though, so it does seem to be cancelled on occassion. Not helpful, as it leaves us with either the N87 bus, which takes forever (particularly when adding on a 281 afterwards if needed) or an expensive cab.

I was on the train a few Saturdays ago and very full, I think it ran to Southampton. It is in the timetable I have but I believe if it is cancelled, if you can get approval from a SWT person and with a total of four persons, they will give you a form to claim a taxi fare.

I'm sure that is one of the trains that is always marked on the timetables as being affected by regular overnight engineering work.

I've checked the SWT journey planner and there is a train at 1:05 am, but I can't find it on the timetable, but I'm not sure which service it is. Is it the Basingstoke train?

This is where I dowloaded the timetables{F78C0D40-DE3D-4EF3-822F-7AEFA835D741}&NRCACHEHINT=NoModifyGuest

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