Ducane Dry Cleaners: Problems

7 years ago...

Has anybody else experienced problems with Ducane? I've been there fewer than ten times but they have managed to lose two of my garments, the first was eventually found. This time, Ducane have mislaid a £400 suit. Despite promising to call me back with news of its whereabouts, they have not done so. Wonder whether this is a common experience?


22-Jul-2016 Du Cane dry cleaners in Surbiton based on St. Marks Hill are best avoided like the plague. On the first try they managed to cause damage to a very expensive jacket and on the second try in the first visit they first tried to debate if I had really given them 5 items of clothing despite their receipt explicitly stating 5 items of clothing, then when after arguing with them the 5th item was miraculously produced it was damaged and I was told that they had done nothing with it despite there being no mention of any damage on the receipt when that item was checked in by them and it also being plain to see from its form that it had gone through the drycleaning process. Then on the second visit I was reluctantly given an insurance claim form and asked to fill it in and bring it back. On the third visit when I visited with the filled insurance claim form the manager of the shop, a South Asian man (I mention the ethnicity as there was no name badge on him) was incredibly rude, and despite professing that his was a professional shop insulted me constantly with words like liar and scrounger and many barbed comments. He was very unprofessional throughout the time I was there and did so in front of another customer who was also from the looks of it feeling very uncomfortable with the situation. So while this shops justifies its prices with the fact that if any damage is caused to one's items it is covered by their comprehensive insurance, god forbid if you find yourself with an item that they have damaged and ask to go through the official insurance claim process, because you are in for a torrent of abuse from the manager of this shop. It was an extremely unpleasant and thoroughly unprofessional experience and needless to say I shall be avoiding this shop like the plague and hope that other's do not have to go through the same horrific experience.

I have never heard of them. Are they in Surbiton?

I'd not be prepared to go back there if they lost even one of my items. If you are in Surbiton, try Roberts. They have not lost anything of mine in 15 years of using them, although I sometimes get a bit worried when it takes them ages to locate them!

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