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12 years ago...

i took my engagement ring into the jewellers in surbiton fp turner on victoria road. They were so unprofessional & ruined my ring.they admitted they have done this before! they repaid me for the damage which they caused & i took it else where. do not take your jewellery there!!!


Not the first time this business has had bad reports on this site and they all sound genuine so I must believe they are true. Shame. I prefer to support a local business when possible, especially in tough times, but these reports have, and will continue to, put me off using this particular business. Monetary compensation doesn't usually account for sentimental value!

if i believed everything i read or heard i would not leave the house,use your own mind go to the shop and see for yourself oh and ask the other shops what they think thank you before casting doubts on those people who are trying to earn a living.

I can echo these comments. The missus took her engagement ring in there over 2 weeks ago. I'll get her on here to explain the full story, but suffice to say, she's been promised it'll be ready 6 times now, each time it isn't. The woman promises to ring, yet never does, and oddly sends text messages at stupid hours. It's as if she's scared to talk to people.

I'd highly recommend avoiding this place, as:
a) they seem incapable of performing simple tasks
b) Their on site jeweller is cleary incapable as they have had to take it to Hatton Garden on 3 separate occasions to (I assume) correct an error he has made
c) Never stick to their own deadlines
d) Never call back
e) Have the worst customer service this side of Tesco

Hi, Scottini's missus here,

I took my Great Grandmother's engagement ring to FP Turner over two weeks ago. All I wanted was a platinum band to cover the yellow gold one that was very worn and needed replacing.

The lady (I assume the owner) talked to me for a good 20 minutes and seemed really helpful. She asked her husband, the jeweller, up to take a look at the ring to make sure he could do what I was asking them to do. All seemed fine and they promised it would be ready the next Saturday (one week).

Come that Saturday I walk in to be told it isn't ready and would be on Monday - and that she would CALL ME. That's OK I thought, although a call to let me know it wasn't ready would have been nice.

I received the first of many text messages to say it still wasn't ready.

To cut an already long story short, I still haven't got my ring back, the woman NEVER calls me she always sends texts, they just don't seen capable of being honest. She almost seems scared to speak to me beause she knows the service has been terrible.

To be fair she has given me a discount, but the head of the ring isn't the same as before, it looks completely messed up so the old family ring that I wanted to wear looks nothing like it did originally. The first time she tried to give me the ring back one of the diamonds was sticking out of the top and not flush with the head as it was before. Hatton Garden have apparently had my ring three times now. So FP Turner are obviously not good at delivering what they say they can deliver.

Not worth the hassle. Pay a little more and go to a better jeweller.

shame. alison the owner did the same to me!!! my ring isnt the same they need sueing!!!

The band they covered has just split...I'm seething

I took a diamond eternity ring into Glydon and Guess in the Apple Market, an insurance job, as a stone was missing - they put the wrong colour stone in (a pinky colour) and swore blind that the coloured stone had been in the ring when it had gone in for repair, and that they had put in a clear diamond. Never go there either ....

Hey ho, surprise surprise, they are closing down Christmas Eve.

It takes a brave person to put up stuff when you can hide behind your computer ,in your little room, in your sad little life.....pathetic. You know only what you have read on here and not from your own experience lots of people have had great service and will always be loyal so as you were!

If so many people have had a great service and remain loyal then why is it shutting down citing "lack of support from local shoppers"??

Yep, strange post that could only really be from the owner just days after making the statement you refer to.

It's 11.22 pm and the jeweller is still there working on a commission for a customer so he can have it for Xmas that's the sort of man he is. So for all your comments you have no idea how proud of him I am and it will be Surbitons loss that a great and talented man who is hardworking has to close down. It's because of a lot of reasons we are closing. I may not be perfect but you show me a person who is. Regardless we are sorry to be leaving as many people have come in to say we will be missed and the few nasty comments do nothing but make us more determined to improve and do better in future.

...by closing down and leaving the area...

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