Eviction of the illegal squatters on ravens ait

14 years ago...

The illegal squtters on this island have been evicted, peacefully last night.

2 illegal squatters have been arrested.

A victory for common sense.

Well done to the councillors and police involved.

Shame that we have to spend money dealing with timewasters such as these squatters.

We will now have to recycle their rubbish for them.

I wondered why sapphire8 and her chums had gone quiet.
Don't expect any answers to my questions now... ;-)

Fag an Bealach


woooo thank god they gone i think it pritty funny the fact they still think they won and celebratin on the other side of the island and the fact they spent £14,000 on electic and they meant to be eco ppl? sorry which part of eco is spending £14,000 on electric please tell me that is the new way to be eco and i will stand by u!!

That money is owed by the previous business along with all the other money that they owe to the RBK and wedding and christmas parties that were cancelled when they legged it. There are some right dodgy businesses out there, lets sit back and see who gets to exploit this islands potential next.

But the squatters spent £4000 in 2 months!!!!!

thats more than 10 times my yearly electricity bill.
What were they doing? nothing to help the environment, that's for sure.

I don't expect an answer to that question sapphire8, it was rhetorical ;-)

This is the last time i shall reply to you on the topic of squatters or pseudo-ecos.

Good luck

PS nice to see you read the link and your netiquette has improved. There is hope for you ;-)

The council spends £25,000 every time it sends a police launch from wapping,
Plus £8,000 to £10,000 a day on Shergroup security PLC (12 x guards x 2 x 12 hour shifts) i.e £30,000 plus in the last 3 days,
oh and double time on Bank holidays, Whoops.
Sorry what was your point again?

Following the sudden eviction of the caretakers this morning by over 100 armed commandos (!) where do we go from here in our vision of turning Raven's Ait into an Environmentally Sustainable Community Learning Centre?

Now is the time for local residents, the University, and eco community groups to put pressure on the council to take seriously the proposal for a steering group to run the island as an eco community learning centre.

I think we can all agree we don't want the council to sell the island off to the highest bidder, forcing the sea scouts to be relocated in this their centenary year and it be once more closed to the wider public.

CALL: Bruce McDonald, Chief Executive Kingston Council 0208 547 5151

Gerry Sevenoaks, Head of Strategic Services 0208 547 5175

EMAIL: bruce.mcdonald@rbk.kingston.gov.uk


WRITE: The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, Guildhall, High Street, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1EU

Sapphire 8

'I think we can all agree we don't want.....'

Sapphire8, please do not assume what we can all agree on....

By all means ask us, or suggest your opinion.
I find it offensive when people tell em how i agree with them on any issue (even when i do agree).....

Others might not agree with me though ;-)

Fag an Bealach

LOCAL Community 1 - Fake Eco Community 0

At last!
No more squaters on ravens ait! just to say that the Island will not be empty, as 1st surbiton Sea Scouts will be on the island four days a week with there group of over 150 local children. they have continued to boat on the island while it has been under siege although under quite testing conditions. the scouts will look after the island and put it to its proper use. boating for the Local commuinty.

The Island story may not be over!!!! as the plan now is to sell the island which may leave the Sea scouts landlocked in thier 100th year!
I call on you SURBITON stand up for the scouts! in our 100 years we have had thousands of YOU in our group. teaching Sailing, rowing, canoeing, motor boats, as well as the normal scouting skills such as camping. not to mention keeping kids fit and healthly while having fun.


Dear anon,

I would like to agree with you. The sea scouts should continue to have their traditional right of access.
How do we go about supporting them?

Ps sign in and don't be anon, we would love to be able to see who is posting (even a pseudnym is good)..... ;-)

We have also been fighting for the sea scouts, plus many, many other local groups.
Still better late than never sunshine.

Sapphire8, when will you get the message...!

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