Ewell Road renamed Warren Drive North

12 years ago...

Has Ewell Road been suddenly renamed Warren Drive North?

According to Google Maps it has. I had a very weird driving experience when my Google Maps-driven sat nav started telling me drive along Warren Drive North, a road I've always known as "Ewell Road".

See for yourself here: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=warren+drive+north&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozi...

Ewell Road itself seems to have moved to Long Ditton!


Tis finally been updated!!

about time, the number of delievery men who have missed us


We've also just replaced all the Google maps on Surbiton.com to use Open Streetmaps instead. In theory, because their data is crowd sourced you can visit their site fix any problems yourself.

Great! We live on Ewell Road and were expecting a parcel from abroad. It hasn't arrived and the company now confirmed they lost it. Probably because the drivers and temp drivers hired over Christmas suddenly could not find Ewell Road anymore! This is ridiculous.
Can I sue google?

I've reported the issue twice now, they seem slow to act. I'm sure there is a heavy work load but if they were so happy to change it in the first place you'd hope they'd show the same courtesy to change it back.
Checked other sites such as Bing/Multimap, Teleatlas and TomTom and they're all correct.
The more people who report it the better one would hope. They also have the Ewell Road as a split carriageway for far too long near the fishponds.

Google e-mailed me this morning, saying thanks for reporting the issue. They have checked and we were right, they will correct it as soon as possible. It's not corrected yet, but at least they're on it now....

Phew, I will finally be able to sleep tonight!

What if they leave the split carriageway 'too long' by the Fishponds? There is a distinct air of doom lingering over the bar in the Coronation hall which will not lift until Google remove this curse.
There is firm evidence that the varying quality in Sarab is linked to these defects. It would never have happened in Leffi Ganderson's day as his total reliance on lay lines was infallible. Not a single drinker failed to find the door of The Lamb using his technique.

Reminds me of when Surbiton was shown as being Norbiton:


A bit of a mistake there! They have correctly put the last bit of Ewell Road that runs behind Tolworth Tower on there, but the main bit that runs between Surbiton and Tolworth Broadway has been wrongly named.

There is another Ewell Road in Long Ditton, though and that is correct.

I have reported it to Google. I live on the Ewell Road A240 and cannot understand how Google can get a major road incorrect. Everyone should bombard them until it changes

Warren Drive North sounds much nicer so I suggest you leave well alone. That stretch of Ewell Road is so depressing that it needs all the uplift it can get. Once the council have installed the 'seating areas' in the central reservation of the Broadway locals can discuss the new name as they enjoy the differing aromas of diesel or petrol fumes.
Apparently Linden Homes have bought the Red Lion Pub site and the retail element has been pre-let to Pizza Express and Waitrose. If so it will give the area a long overdue zap-up. Ironically this will increase the values of all those Little Englanders houses who so valiantly blocked the planning being granted for so long. The cost of such delays and the attendant planning consultants fees all go on the development cost.
Little Englanders other mantra is that 'new housing is unaffordable'. They never seem to realise that by causing the costs to go up by £100,000's of pounds with their tub thumping campaigns that they are one of the reasons why. It is a bit like them driving around the corner to the meetings to complain about 'increased traffic'.
If they had not delayed the development of the Red Lion pub it is very likely that it would have been started before the current downturn and completed by now. Who gets the blame for the current eyesore - the nasty developer!

Did you get involved in the planning application? Greed caused the delay. You should be grateful that it was fought because at least it will be less overpowering than it might have been. When it is built people are going to say "how on earth did that get planning permission" Just watch the traffic problems build up as they enter the site on the Red Lion Road and that is before Tesco on the A3 and the new cross anywhere greenway on the Ewell Road and not forgeting the hospital site and CNM Ellerton Road site and another Tesco. Property prices I doubt will rise as the area will become overpopulated with people and yet more cars

Pizza Express in Tolworth? I doubt it, but it would be great if true. It has taken them all of these years to come to Surbiton itself.

Waitrose would be a great addition.

Waitrose and Pizza Express? Surbiton lite? They'd be the smalled ones ever!

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