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10 years ago...

Does anyone know of exercise classes that aren't gym based in central Surbiton?
I'm just after old-fashioned aerobics, step or body conditioning class in a village hall setting. Something not overly choreographed that I can get to in the evenings after work or at weekends. Thanks


Go to Surbiton library and check the copious notice boards at the front door.

Or you could investigate Adult Learning: I used to do a music course at the North Kingston Centre on Richmond Road and there was a yoga class happening at the time.

So, I guess that's a no then! I find it hard to believe there's no exercise classes in church/village halls in the vicinity... I really don't want anything as "serious" as boot camp or yoga, just plain old fashioned aerobics, step or body conditioning with a group of like-minded women. I currently travel over to Teddington one evening a week but there are other women there local to Surbiton too... so there's clearly demand! Is anyone qualified/motivated to set up a class please?

There are classes at the YMCA gym. You don't have to be a member, you can just turn up and pay. Think they do all the golden oldies like Step and aerobics...

there is Ashtanga Yoga -

Astanga Yoga....

Liam Grimley runs an awesome group fitness boot camp on Giggs Hill Green on Friday mornings:

Give him a shout! x

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