Family History - Alpha Road, Surbiton early 1900s

8 years ago...

Hi Everyone

This is my first post, I grew up in Tolworth but now live in the Netherlands

I am looking for information on Alpha Road Surbiton in the early 1900s as part of my family history research

My grandfather Fredrick MASTROCOLA was born on 03 February 1907 at Joy Place, 71 Alpha Road, Surbiton. This was a Fish and Chip shop operated by his parents Antonio and Pasqualina MASTROCOLA. The family also used the name Di ROSA (not sure why to be honest) and this may have been the name of the shop. Frederick's parents were immigrants from Cassino, Italy who had emigrated to England around 1881.

71 Alpha Road has long since been pulled down but I was wondering if anyone has any photographs of the area back in 1900 or any information about the Fish shop or the street in general at that time.

I appreciate any help you can give me

Kind regards



My parents purchased 42 Alpha road in 1962 from Mr Roe who was the owner of the grocers shop, I was aged just 7y ears old. The shop was next to a school playground and a shoe shop and the Dip sweetshop , opposite was another grocers called the Dairy on the corner of richmond grove was also Bradshaws green grocers and a chip shop and a rag and bone shop !! Further up Alpha road was ABC Builders yard, The Pub called the Carpenters arms further up was the newsagents called the Midgets shop they were midgets Charlie Steve and Teddy They had a dog as well, my mum gave up our shop after a couple of years to become a workingmans cafe My Mum Kathy was well known for her food.!! our shop was called F.A.Wilsonand Son after my dad Fred !! I still have a photo of me outside my parents shop at 42 Alpha Road !! I am now 62 so it was 54 years ago, my Mum is still alive today aged 85 !! sadly lost dad very early in life in 1986. hope this article is of interest

Here are some pics - including some of Richmond Grove, the road which adjoins Alpha Road

I lived at 23 Alpha Road in the 1950s. 'Joy Place' I have never heard of, could that be wrong. At about 71 Alpha Road was a small parade of shops: 'The Dip', a small grocers/tobacconists, a shoe repair shop etc. There was a fish and chip shop owned by the family I think were called Milligan, in the small road opposite The Retreat, not Joy Place, but Richmond Grove

Thanks Anon

The name Joy Place I got from the shops entry in Kelly's Directory for Kingston 1907. It may have been near the Junction of Ivy Place

Do you know if there are any photos of that row of shops including the Dip?

Many thanks


Just joined history of surbiton club on face book, also have put a picture of my parents shop c 1962 next door the the shoe shop and Di sweet shop, its worth joing the group lots of interest !! Regards Charlie

Book - "Surbiton Past" (auth. Richard Statham)
ISBN 1 86077 026 6

Thanks Smabey - I have a copy of the book but unfortunately there are no photos of Alpha Road

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